NYC Pride’s TEAZE Is A Lit AF Party Centering BIPOC LGBTQ+ Individuals

courtesy of NYC Pride

Party-goers will enjoy not one, but FOUR party experiences that center BIPOC individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community and provide safe spaces year-round: PARKS & REC, BUBBLE_T, BKLYN BOIHOOD, and Lolita Leopard Presents “BALLROOM BASHMENT.”

The wait is over! After a 2-year hiatus, NYC Pride’s annual dance party Teaze returns Saturday, June 25 to showcase New York’s most diverse party experiences. Teaze offers party-goers four party experiences that center BIPOC individuals in the LGBTQ+ community and which provide safe spaces year-round: PARKS & REC, Bubble_T, bklyn boihood, and Lolita Leopard Presents “BALLROOM BANISHMENT.”

PARKS & REC is building a creative community through experiences that synthesize art, music, dance and comedy, at the direction of NY-based multi-disciplinary artist Quiana Parks. As a DJ, Parks melts disco, pop, house, hip hop, and R&B together to create a unique musical concoction. Before Parks became a DJ, she worked in fashion and design, and she also is a renowned artist who has been commissioned by major brands such as Neiman Marcus and Adidas. Her art and music are largely influenced by her battle with lymphoma, and after she reached remission, she founded DJ For A Cure, an awareness project that combines her love of music to raise awareness about blood cancers. Parks’ ability to demonstrate her passion through her music landed her on Nylon Guys Magazine’s “Top 5 New York DJs You Should Know.” 


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Bubble_T is a community of collaborative and creative minds continuing the conversation of visibility, inclusiveness, diversity and love. NYC Pride describes Bubble_T as “an Asian/Pacific/Queer collective focused on supporting and lifting the community we share through music, celebration, and performance.” Bubble_T celebrates collective cross-heritage upbringings, love for karaoke culture, Asian pop divas and fashion references; Russel Wong eating a watermelon, Lynda Trang Dai in a studded bra top and Anita Mui’s cover of “Into the Groove.” This collective was started by make-up artist Stevie Huynh and friends, artists Nicholas Andersen and Vivianne Yi and designers Pedro Vidallon, Paul Tran, and Karlo Bueno Bello (who performs as Bichon) after realizing there was no Asian-centric nightlife in NYC. 


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bklyn boihood is a Black, queer, and trans collective that creates spaces for those in the LGBTQ+ community. ​​The collective “started in Bedford Stuyvesant in 2009, with two friends, a couch, and a desire to feel seen and understood as masculine-of-center queer and trans people of color,” and is now run by “the bois,” whose mission is to “is to create spaces where black, brown queer and trans bois* and our communities can cultivate stories, dreams and creative work.” Their guiding principles and party principles usher in a new wave of affirming and respectful structured spaces that are still out-of-control fun. On Instagram, brooklyn boihood has announced that its set at Teaze will be in collaboration with @othervillagepeople to bring “a taste of South African groove with a musical experience that will feature AfroHouse to amapiano and everything in between.”


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Lolita Leopard Presents “BALLROOM BASHMENT” is a ballroom banger by the House of Revlon Paris. It will be hosted by Vinii La Légende and Giselle Palmer, stars of season 3 of HBO Max’s “Legendary” and father and godmother of the House of Revlon Paris respectively. Milan Garçon of the International Legendary House of Garçon and season 2 of “Legendary” will be making a special appearance. Vibes will be cordially provided by DJ Belindzz from the Kiki House of Loubution. 

Teaze takes place at 3 Dollar Bill in Brooklyn on June 25, starting at 2 pm. Tickets are available through NYC Pride. 



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