Nicola Chubb

Nicola Chubb by Carve Productions

Nicola Chubb has been working hard in the UK’s queer women’s nightlife scene since 2003, and her success has rocketed her to the forefront of the industry. After opening a lesbian bar in London, Chubb followed her entrepreneurial spirit and created Mint Events, a party for queer women based out of some of the most sought-after members’ bars in London. “Queer women don’t belong in basements,” she tells GO. “We should be strutting our stuff in the most sought-after venues around.” Mint aims to create inclusive, safe, and diverse space for queer and trans women and non-binary people. They also host large-scale events for the wider LGBTQ+ community. While Chubb has found professional success with Mint, what makes the work most worthwhile is that it gives her the chance to bring queer women together, offering them space and support and even, sometimes, a chance to fall in love. “The most rewarding aspect of my work is seeing queer women enjoying themselves — especially if they get together romantically,” she tells GO. Chubb is currently creating the UK’s first queer wellness festival and developing an online network that offers a safe space for women to build connections and explore their identity with community support. —IL

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