Meet Jillian Mercado, The Newest Cast Member Of ‘The L Word: Generation Q’

This role marks Jillian Mercado’s scripted television debut.

Meet Jillian Mercado, the newest cast member of “The L Word: Generation Q.”


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Whether you recognize her face from Target campaigns, Beyoncé’s website, or the Diesel marketing that launched her into stardom, Jillian Mercado has been taking the fashion modeling world by storm since 2014. Now, she’s been named to a new role as a recurring role in the upcoming series “The L Word: Generation Q.”

This role marks Jillian Mercado’s scripted television debut. She’s set to play Maribel Suarez, an immigration attorney and the little sister of Rosanny Zayas’ character Sophie. According to the exclusive in Deadline, the two characters are set to be very close, with Maribel always there to offer sisterly support.

Mercado is known not just for her glamorous shots, but as a model with muscular dystrophy who has been celebrated for her representation of disability in the modeling world. She brings her star power to “The L Word: Generation Q,” which is set to premiere this Sunday, December 8th on Showtime.

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