Queer Horoscope: Looking For A Bit Of Grounding? Luckily, It’s Taurus Season

It’s time to get your life together!

Taurus season is here, lovers, and it brings with it some grounding, stable energy. Or, at least, it’s supposed to. If you’re not feeling particularly grounded or stable, chances are you might find yourself indulging—good food, good company, good drinks—as a coping mechanism. Just be careful not to indulge too much. We all deserve a little extra goodness in our lives from time to time, but you don’t want to overdo it on the decadence, even in Taurus season.

Pluto is now retrograde and even though astronomers tell us it’s no longer a planet, that doesn’t mean we’re not still affected by Pluto and his antics. As Pluto stays retrograde from April 24-October 3, you’ll walk to really pay attention to anything that needs your attention. Not just work and friends and family. But the really deep issues and patterns that keep popping up in your behavior and relationships. Use this Pluto retrograde to your advantage: get real and honest with yourself and really think about where your life is headed. If you’re not loving the direction you’re taking, make some changes. These changes are not going to be easy, but I promise you, they’ll be worth it. Shaking things up is hard, making tough decisions is never easy, but it pays off in the end.

We have a New Moon in Taurus on Saturday, May 4th. So get out your journals and start making your New Moon intentions lists! This is an especially good time for artistic and creative pursuits. If you’ve been holding off on getting your book of poetry published, writing a song for your new lover, or getting your paintings in a show, now’s the time to write down your dream goals and believe in them! This month’s New Moon is asking you to be courageous. To take your passion and act on your dreams and hopes for the future. Follow your intuition and take that leap of faith you’ve been unsure about, friend.

Venus enters Taurus on May 15th, which promises opportunities. Only a few days later, we have a Full Moon on the 18th in Scorpio. Expect some emotional closure, whether it’s with your ex that you can’t let go of or with a grudge you’ve been holding onto. You’ll get your peace and closure with this Full Moon if you focus your energy on letting go.

Later in the month, you may find yourself feeling chattier and more uplifted—embrace this energy and invite your pals out to a picnic in the park or for a night out dancing. Spring has sprung and it’s time to have some fun!


Though Taurus season may have you wanting to collect and hoard all of the “things,” whether it be new shoes to tasty foods, you’ll be reminded that it’s not just the material wealth that matters, Aries. Your family responsibilities and obligations may take you away from your personal plans and desire this month. Try not to escape your family duties—it’ll only make you feel worse in the long run, even if you’re struggling with the challenges.

This is your month to release some painful childhood memory or a limitation that’s been holding you back. Whatever you do this month, don’t run away from the emotional work that you’re being called to do. Sit with your feelings and really dig deep on your self-exploration in the quiet moments you can grab. The moment will come when you can once again forge ahead with all of your amazing Fire sign energy—just like you always do, you resilient being, you!


Happy birthday, Taurus! This is your birthday season, and that means you get to celebrate all month, no matter how many times people roll their eyes at your 5th birthday dinner in a row. You deserve it! The planetary positions bring promises of good fortune for the year ahead. Your word for the coming year? Awareness. In everything you do, particularly when it comes to relationships. Try and be aware of your feelings, your reactions, your reasons for responding to others the way you do. You have a lot of self-discovery ahead of you.

If you’re traveling this month, it’ll be amped up. There’s a lot of self-discovery and learning to be gained from these travels, so even if you don’t have a big trip planned, why not take a road trip with a close friend and explore a part of your state that you haven’t seen? Don’t forget to take your journal with you.


It’s all about the Benjamins, Gemini. At least, it is for you this month. If you haven’t done it recently, try a new way of looking at your resources and how to use them. If you spend frivolously, save some this month. If you are reluctant to indulge every once in a while, let yourself have that latte or that coveted messenger bag. Whatever it is, this is the time to mix up your old ways and invite in the new way of thinking about your money and resources. Not sure what to do? Meditate on it. Close your eyes, picture your bank account (try not to get sweaty palms!), and really feel your way through what comes next. What do you want your bank account and resources to look like tomorrow? Next month? Next year? Consider that and make a solid plan for what’s next.


Oh, dear Cancer. That boulder resting on your shoulders this month must feel so heavy. And I know you probably feel like crawling under it and hiding so much of the time. Just don’t. Remind yourself that the moment that matters most is the present. Don’t borrow sorrow from tomorrow. Don’t cling on to what might have been, and for god’s’ sake, let go of the past already!
Though it isn’t quite mid-year, now is a great time for you to do an assessment of how the past few months have looked for you. What wisdom have you gained? What are your new responsibilities and how are they working out for you? What have you accomplished? Yes, sometimes life feels unbearably heavy, but, sometimes, life brings you some great things worth smiling about. The wisdom you’ve undoubtedly gained this year is reason enough to hold your head up high and say “I’m awesome.” Because you are. You really, really are.


Friendships are going to take center stage in your life this month, Leo. Reconnect with your old pals if given the opportunity, and stay open to cultivating new friendships—even with people you wouldn’t ordinarily consider for a friendship, especially if they’re someone you wouldn’t ordinarily talk to! Don’t be picky. Just stay open and let the Universe bring you who you need this month. You may pull some rather quirky characters into your life, but they come to teach you something, even if they don’t know it.

Of course, in true Leo style, you may find yourself acting as the group social director and leader. That’s great! Remember the Golden Rule: though it’s amazing that you can be in the spotlight and people are dazzled by you, don’t be afraid to let the light shine on others in your circle sometimes too. You’ll still be lavished with plenty of attention and love.


Sometimes, Virgo, you get so heavily bogged down in the details that it feels almost impossible for you to step back and look at the big picture. But now is the time to do exactly that. Back away from the details—even if just for a day—and look at the big picture. Have philosophical discussions with the people you care about. Let yourself really sit with your feelings (I know, Virgo—it isn’t easy), and share them with someone who matters to you.

If you’re feeling particularly pained about something, don’t be afraid to talk to your therapist. Or see one if you don’t have one already. Now is not the time to hang on to your pride or keep things inside. Stay open. You’re on a quest for truth over the next few months, and that means looking at things a little differently than you usually do and seeking outside perspectives. Feel safe enough to do this. You’ll be more than okay.


Though time marches forward, you may find yourself journeying backwards sometime around the 18th of May, dear Libra. Things may feel a little surreal for you—almost like you’re Alice in Wonderland and you’re wondering what the hell kind of Twilight Zone you’ve stepped into. And just like Alice, you may feel like you’re on this surreal walk down memory lane alone. That’s okay. This is a month about self-exploration. You’ll have questions for yourself. Really take the time to ponder your gut feelings and reasons about why you have the thoughts and feelings you do. By the end of next month, you’ll come to realize that your mental power is just as strong as anyone else’s. You really can create the life and reality you want for yourself, and you don’t need a legion of adoring fans to help you get that life. (Don’t worry, though, you’ll still have that!).

After your trip down memory lane, look forward. What do you want out of the rest of the month? Year? What can you do to take the steps to get to that point? Who can you get on your ‘team’ to help you be the most powerful, wonderful Libra you can be? Start thinking, love.


If you knew no one was watching, would you let your hair down and dance in the living room? Would you sing your heart out in the shower? Get down on the floor and play with your favorite toddler in your life? Dedicate this month to doing exactly that: having fun. Let your hair down. Let go of your deep need to internalize every feeling and question absolutely everything. The energy this month is just right for you to be playful with yourself and others.

You may invite space into your life this month for a new friend or lover. Reach out and really put your heart into the new experience. Late in the month, new resources may be made available to you. Go ahead and make your wish list now, Scorpio.


Okay, Sagittarius. This very well may not be your month to shine, but not every month can be amazing, can it? What is most important right now is doing the right actions to set yourself up for career success. Whether you want to go back to school or sit down and have a 1:1 chat with your boss about moving up the ladder, this is the month to really put your nose to the grindstone and do it. Keep your network connections close; people will help you get to where you want to be. When you encounter challenges—and you will!—know that they will turn into good fortune in some way.

The more contacts you make with former bosses or authority figures, particularly mid-month, the better your pay-off. Your partners and friends will bring rewards and gifts to you tenfold. But don’t forget to express your gratitude beyond just a cursory “thank you.” You need people to get where you’re going, and they need to know they’re appreciated.


Usually, oh smart and responsible Capricorn, you are the guru people seek for advice, knowledge, and responsible comfort. But, this month it’s your turn to seek out a guru. You’ll recognize this person when you see them. It should be someone with dignity, integrity, and strength. Of course, you wouldn’t have it any other way—you won’t take advice from just anyone! This person will have a clear understanding of responsibility that mirrors your own, but they have unique perspectives that you haven’t thought of yourself.

Pay attention to a friend or friends who can bring out the inner child in you this month. You need to stop holding on to so much responsibility for a little bit and let yourself have some fun. Seek out someone younger than you if you can, and take him or her to the park. Before this month is over, take a break. You’ll benefit from a change of scenery. Get outside if you can.


Life may feel uncertain for you this month, dear Aquarius. Give yourself permission to be sensitive, soft and tender this month. Emotional vulnerability is okay; in fact, there is strength in it. Listen to your intuition and take a leap into the world that you may not otherwise take. Once you are there and have listened to your heart, you’ll find yourself in a whole new world of opportunity.

You may find your bullshit detector particularly strong, too. Decide whether or not it’s worth it to call someone out on their shit. Sometimes it’s better to just walk away, particularly when you’re feeling extra tender-hearted.


What’s that song that’s been stuck in your head this week, Pisces? That’s your theme song for the month. Try and extract some meaning from the lyrics. Don’t have an earworm in your head? Make up your own little ditty! But make it a sunny, positive one, because that’s how this month is shaping up for you.

This month is going to feel like a gentle hot air balloon ride over a calm sea of waters, sweet Pisces. It’s going to be a gentle, steady month. Try and appreciate it for what it is. This will give you plenty of time for daydreaming. No need to grumble and complain. Instead, count your blessings. You’re in a great spot, planetary-wise. Enjoy this gentle ride while it lasts. Let yourself be extraordinarily creative and intuitive and free. Be honest with the ones you love—pour that love more freely than you usually do (and yes, we know that’s a lot!). This is the month of easy-street love. Enjoy the ride.

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