Marisa Corvo

Marisa Corvo by Troy Jenson

The most rewarding part of Marissa Corvo’s musical career is the impact she makes in the lives of those struggling with adversity. “My heart never stopped believing in myself when everyone else on the planet did, including my own family,” she tells GO. “I get to share my message everyday through my music and my lyrics, and I get to change lives.” After coming out, Corvo was dropped by the Christian record label she’d been signed with and disowned by her family. Eventually, she was allowed to return home under the condition that she attend conversion therapy. She did at first, but she quickly realized she couldn’t keep pretending. Fortunately, she was not only able to start over, but her career thrived. Since appearing on “The Voice” in 2019, Corvo has performed with Gloria Estefan, Toby Keith, The Jonas Brothers, Stevie Wonder, and other recording artists. She performs regularly in Las Vegas and took the iHeartRadio Wango Tango stage this June, performing her new single, “Top Down,” which dropped on June 19. Her story is a reminder that we can persevere, no matter the odds. “Love yourself and accept yourself and also be kind to yourself because when you do that, you will be able to love and accept others,” she says. “Be strong in what you stand for. “Believe in yourself and that God made you exactly the way you were supposed to be made — you are perfect the exact way you are.” —RK

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