Two Women Share A Lesbian Kiss In Front Of A Homophobic Trump Supporter

“You know we had to do it to ’em.”

Two students at the University of California San Diego defied a homophobic Trump supporter by sharing a loving lesbian kiss right in front of him.

The man was demonstrating on campus in a red Trump t-shirt and a rainbow sign. The sign said that marriage is “traditional, one man and one woman.”

The two women contradicted his homophobia with a kiss, which a fellow student captured on video. One of the women, Crystal, posted the video on Twitter. She wrote: “This dude was homophobic and a Trump supporter so you know we had to do it to ’em.”

The tweet now has over 95,000 likes β€” because if there’s one thing all gays can appreciate, it’s defying homophobia.


Twitter users praised the two women for their effort.

“I will die for you both,” one woman responded.

“LOVE IT,” another wrote.

“I respect you for that,” a man added.

The kiss backfired in one respect, though. The man apparently wasn’t offended by the lesbian kiss. Instead, he shouted at them to “Do it again!” His hypocrisy is just another example of lesbians being fetishized and invalidated.

Some Twitter users commented on the grossness of the man’s response to the kiss.

“Men like that fetishize WLW though,” one pointed out.

“I love this,” one man wrote. “And I bet you he liked it, which would contradict his beliefs. The fact that people take the time and energy out of their day to attack a certain group of people shows how low budget their lives really are. They need to get a job and focus on themselves.”

Unfortunately, it’s not always safe for women to make defiant public displays of affection like this. Just earlier this year, two lesbians were brutally beaten by fetishizing homophobes who tried to force them to kiss.

It’s important for LGBTQ people and allies to be unapologetically proud when they can, which is exactly what these two ladies did. You’re doing great, sweeties!

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