Lesbian TikTok & Everything You Need To Know About Sapphic Subgenres

TikTok’s For You Page (FYP) is like a choose your own adventure game.

TikTok’s For You Page (FYP) is like a choose your own adventure game.

When I first downloaded the app out of quarantine boredom in March, I started off on straight TikTok like everyone else. The default side of the app, straight TikTok features teen stars like Charli D’amelio and Addison Rae who create short videos of dances to pop songs. After I followed queer women and liked their videos, my FYP shifted to the lesbian side of TikTok, and I basically never saw a straight person on my feed again.

Lesbian TikTok features all the predictable basics: coming out videos, Girl in Red songs, and U-Haul jokes. But, as you scroll down the TikTok rabbit hole, you’ll realize that lesbian TikTok is divided into even more niche subgenres. Many of the video formats, jokes, and aesthetics in these subgenres can be confusing for new TikTok users. Shortly after you find lesbian TikTok, you may wonder, “Am I the only lesbian who isn’t obsessed with living in a cottage?” or “Why are there so many lesbians sticking out their tongues?” 

After a few too many hours of scrolling, I have some answers. Whether you’re new to the app or just curious about this virtual world, this guide will explain just a sampling of the common subgenres of lesbian TikTok.

Lesbian Thirst Traps

People of all identities post thirst traps, but TikTok’s lesbian thirst traps are infamous to all of gay TikTok. These videos feature mostly masc-of-center women or non-binary people who lip-sync suggestive lyrics while smizing like Justin Bieber and sticking out their tongues. Button downs, vans, beanies, and eyebrow slits are all part of the standard thirst trap uniform. An undercut is optional — as is the catchphrase “Hey Mamas,” which has birthed an entirely new type of lesbian. With their head nods, flirty stares, and expensive sportswear, the flirting style of a “Hey Mamas Lesbian” screams trying too hard. Many of the butch thirst-trappers are also white and appropriate the term stud, which is a Black lesbian identity. But not all thirst traps are problematic or unbearably cringe — some are more subtly flirty. Instead of following a “Hey Mamas Lesbian,” follow these popular queer TikTok creators who post some non-cringy thirst traps alongside their funny regular content: @ria_d3miri, @danniedupone, @aye.raee, and @mxgaan

@mxgaanOh baby what’s ya name ? 😋 ##foryou ##trend ##foryoupage ##lgbt♬ IG..Dasanfrazier7 – dasanfrazier7


The cottagecore aesthetic features cozy décor, fairy-like gardens, and women who dress like they live on a prairie. Imagine girlfriends in floral and gingham dresses, sitting on rocking chairs next to a garden eating homemade bread while a chipper acoustic guitar plays in the background. Cottagecore TikTok is made up of scenes like these, along with shots of nature or videos of fashion inspiration. The aesthetic also idealizes a kind of simplistic agricultural lifestyle, so cottagecore creators tend to film themselves doing domestic activities like embroidery, pottery, or foraging for mushrooms. While there’s nothing inherently gay about this aesthetic, queer women have claimed it for their own wholesome uses (as they should!). To vicariously live out your cottagecore fantasies, follow @faeriegfs, @iridessence_, @fantasyfawn, and @carrottkeller.

@fantasyfawnyou guys seem to like voiceovers so here’s what i did today! 🍄🌱✨ ##cottagecore ##baking ##foraging♬ original sound – shy_labeef


Yes, there are witches on TikTok, and they’re very popular! #WitchTok and #WitchesOfTikTok have 1.9 billion and 663.2 million views, respectively. This huge community overlaps with lesbian TikTok because many TikTok witches are queer women or non-binary. In short how-to videos, the elder witches of TikTok, who have been practicing their craft for years, teach baby witches about altars, deities, candles, and crystals. Witches also post videos of themselves casting spells or reading tarot cards. Some get involved with social justice, using #WitchesForBLM to hex police and perform protective spells on protestors. But WitchTok isn’t all serious– many creators use their platform to make memes about witchcraft. To learn more about their craft, follow these queer creators @okaries, @mintfaery, @gothictrashpanda, and @yoxsyd.

@yoxsydextinguish ur flame however u please, & cleanse ur candle before reusing it if u dnt burn it down completely! SONG BY @tessgreyy give it a listen!♬ VOODOO by Tess Grey – tessgreyy


Queer women are cruising down streets on skateboarders and roller skates alongside friends willing to film their moves. Under #skatergirl, which has over 600 million views, roller skaters and skateboarders wheel around to upbeat music like J. Lo’s “Jenny From the Block.” While the hashtag isn’t just for queer women, many of these creators are lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. It may not be a surprise to find skateboarders on lesbian TikTok, as the skate aesthetic is a pretty visible part of the lesbian community. Roller skating may seem like a less popular hobby, but interest in the sport has spiked recently due to the roller skating influencers on the app and the influx of time for people to learn the new skill. Regardless of what kind of skating you’re into, there are plenty of queer skaters to watch in awe, including @oh.thatsreese, @trans.sender, @kateonskates, and @briannaking_.

@oh.thatsreese@lilnasx 🤠 ##rollerskating ##rollerdance ##blackgirlsskate ##fyp ##moxiskates ##lgbtq ##forever21♬ Rodeo – Lil Nas X & Cardi B

Queer Earring Trend

If you see a stranger who is wearing earrings made out of household objects, they’re probably queer, and they might be on TikTok. Weird earrings are a huge trend on the app, and they’re mostly worn by non-binary people and queer women. The #LesbianEarringTag encouraged lesbian TikTok creators to film their collection of quirky earrings, and it ultimately proved that queer people can make earrings out of anything, including playing cards, tiny baby dolls, carabiners, and mini tea boxes. Some TikTok creators teach their followers how to make their own earrings; other videos of earring collections feature homemade jewelry sold on the creator’s Etsy or Depop. To find some jewelry inspiration, follow @faythegay, @itstiffanyg, @elysermccl, and @medium_rare_fun



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