Lesbian Moms Took Turns Carrying Their Baby In Both Of Their Wombs

The couple made history with the first successful “shared motherhood.”

Lesbian moms took turns carrying their baby in both of their wombs, for the first time in history.

The UK couple and new lesbian moms, Donna and Jasmine Francis-Smith have been together since 2014. When they decided to have a child, they turned to in-vitro fertilization (IVF), as many same-sex couples do. But their process, aided by the London Women’s Clinic, was wildly unprecedented.

First, the fertilized egg was implanted into Donna’s uterus. She incubated it for 18 hours. Then, the egg was transferred into Jasmine’s womb, and she carried the baby to term. The baby boy, Otis, is now two months old.

This is the first time that two women have both carried a fertilized egg that developed into a baby — or, as the women call it, “shared motherhood.” What a mind-blowing moment for lesbian moms around the world!

Donna says the procedure brought her and Jasmine closer to each other.

“You get a lot of same-sex couples where one person is doing the whole thing, and the one person is getting pregnant and giving birth, whereas with this we’re both involved in a massive way,” Donna told The Telegraph.

“It’s definitely brought us closer together emotionally. We’re a close couple anyway but we both have a special bond with Otis as well which was helped by the way we’ve done it.” What do you think of these lesbian moms making history? Tell us in the comments!

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