LA Trans & Drag Icon, Co-Host of “Hey Qween!” Lady Red Couture Has Died

The trans and drag icon was only 43.

43-year-old Kearemia Baines, better known as Los Angeles trans and drag icon Lady Red Couture, passed away on Saturday. She was the co-host of YouTube talk show “Hey Qween” and described herself as “a trans woman that lives as the largest drag queen in captivity — not just another drag queen” in an interview with L.A. Weekly.

The news was shared by “Hey Qween!” co-host and close friend Jonny McGovern in an Instagram post. “My best friend and sister Lady Red Couture has passed,” reads the caption. “I am shocked and devastated. I never believed we would lose her like this. Please know this is real and it hurts so bad.”


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While the cause of death has not been disclosed, Lady Red Couture suffered from a chronic vomiting illness. McGovern confirmed a week prior that she was not suffering from COVID-19, however, writing in an Instagram post, “Last night i had to rush our beautiful Lady Red to the hospital due to complications with her chronic condition -cyclic vomiting syndrome. She’s currently in the icu and they are trying to get her stabilized. She is Covid negative thank god but she’s in bad shape nonetheless.” McGovern continued to post updates on Lady Red Couture’s situation, which seemed to get getting gradually better. On Friday, McGovern even seemed to think that Lady Red Couture was back to 100 percent health,  writing that “She has been stabilized and will hopefully move out of the intensive care unit this weekend.”

Other than being a friendly, familiar, and fierce face in the LA drag and trans communities, Lady Red Couture cultivated a world built on her own talents. She was an actress, appearing in “Leave It on the Floor”, “Jonny McGovern: Dickmatized,” and “Judge Lady Red.” She also continued to perform shows at legendary venues like West Hollywood’s Hamburger Mary’s and was known for being “largest live-singing drag queen” for her larger, five-foot-seven (plus taller in heels) frame.

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