L Word Recap: Season 6 Episode 4

Our guest blogger Quinn recaps!

Here’s the recap: episode 4 brought us more of “the crazy Jenny show,” as Shane calls it, and sets up what should be a lusty, dramatic episode 5. Jenny begins by pissing off an increasingly pregnant, somewhat Amish-looking Max, and asserting (but not supporting) the claim that William is the nutjob who stole the negative and framed Tina. She then attempts to symbolically renovate her and Shane’s wardrobes, saying, “Tell me what facets of my personality I should be getting rid of.” Come on, lady – nobody has that kind of time.

Bette and Tina escape Jessie Spano land for a while to see about an adoption in the Midwest. The pregnant girl’s parents promptly kick them out for being a couple of ‘mos and Bette gets cold feet while revealing she believes that redneck-ness is a genetic trait. As Tina tries to convince her that tendencies toward intolerance and cow-tipping are not embedded in DNA, the young girl finds them and gives a surprisingly touching affirmation of why Bette and Tina are the right parents for her baby boy.
Helena caves to Dylan’s stalking and agrees to have dinner with her. Sure, it’s cute when someone who ruined your life becomes obsessed with you, but lets hope the term “Dylena” never comes to fruition. Yikes, I cringed as I typed it.

As for Alice and Tasha, I’d say you’re pushing it when you start to classify gossiping as a mutual interest; however, it seems fair to assume that the next episode will have less nutloaf and more threesomes. We all know Alice is freaky enough to go for it, but does group sex fit within the bounds of Tasha’s more stringent moral code?

And lastly, after the most awkward Lamaze class in history, Tom gets sick of Max constantly being a downer, or perhaps being too pregnant to pass as a gay guy anymore, and leaves him.
All I know is that Kit needs to stop teasing me and hook up with that drag queen already.

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