Stop Crying And Start Self Caring: July Horoscopes For Queer Women

Pass the tissues, it’s Cancer season.

Pass the tissues, loves. It’s Cancer season, and that brings out the feels in all of us—even those of us who usually only cry when we watch that “The L word” episode where Dana dies. Not only is it “deep in our feels” season, but it’s the second Eclipse season of 2019. This one kicks off with a Total New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 2nd. If you’ve felt stagnant or stuck in any way, this Eclipse is about to shake things up and bring in some energy that will help you get moving. If you’re looking to upgrade a particular area of your life, use this New Moon as your chance to think about what you’d like to change. These July horoscopes are going to be impactful.

In true Cancer energy style, your home and family life will be front and center in the July horoscopes. You may feel torn between taking care of yourself and the commitments you’ve made to care for others. It’s okay to put new boundaries in place or focus on giving yourself more time for self-care. While not all of us are fortunate enough to know what it feels like to be taken care of and nurtured, we can do that for ourselves, and this is your month to get those self-love habits started.

Cancer energy is all nurturing, caring, and intuition, so if you haven’t been looking after yourself, this Eclipse may bring you a wake-up call. Eclipses are gateways of change, so use this one for the best and let the Universe take you where you need to be. Anything that happens on or near the Eclipse is fated and can help you align on your path and purpose. Set aside time around the 2nd to set your intentions, write down your wishes, and then let the Universe bring you what (and who!) you need.

Following the July Solar Eclipse, Mercury goes Retrograde on the 7th. Mercury Retrograde is usually a time that we can expect a lot of miscommunication and mishaps, but this time around it’s a blessing in disguise. After the intensity of the Solar Eclipse, this is your chance to slow down, reflect on your past and present, weigh your options and decide how you want to move forward.

The second Eclipse of the month is a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. It’s bringing some heavy energy with it but is still helping bring you to new levels. In order to elevate yourself, you need to let go of things that no longer serve you, release what you no longer need, and make space in your life and heart for new beginnings. Don’t let the heavy energy get you down; hang on to your inner strength and know that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. Everything you need is within reach—so says the July horoscopes.

We ring Leo season in on July 22nd. This is when you’ll feel less emotional and more energetic and ready to grab life by the horns. On the 31st, there’s a Black New Moon in Leo. Two New Moons in one month is a rare occurrence, so this month is one of fresh starts, new beginnings, and exciting opportunities.

Don’t forget to be gentle with yourself and others this month, loves. Let go of any fear that prevents you from moving forward. Let the July horoscopes guide you toward the best in life. You deserve all good things.


You’re wild and free, and not much can keep you tied down for too long—your partner included! While it’s hard for most lesbians to keep someone at arm’s length, the planets suggest in these July horoscopes that you do exactly that this month, Aries, if you’re in a relationship. A little space can go a long way in helping you and your partner come back together and appreciate each other all the more. If you’re dating a Stage 5 clinger, let her know in the gentlest way possible that you need a little breathing room right now. You may find that others are reaching out to you a lot this month seeking your wisdom (yes, really!). You’ll find you’re holding in some pent up anger this month—particularly if you’re not getting the space you need—and the best way to process is not to yell and scream, but to burn it off in the gym.


What belongs in the past that you’re still hanging on to, Taurus? It’s really hard for you to let go of things – your apartment, your ex, your beloved scrapbook from 8th grade. But take a close look at what you can let go of, and then let it fly free. You need a little reprieve from being the “group mom” for all of your friends, so don’t be afraid to ask for space when you need it. You’ll be doing a lot of soul-searching this month according to July horoscopes, and it will take some real energy and focus in order to find what you’re looking for—and what you need to let go of—in order to be truly happy and fulfilled. Professionally, you may be pleasantly surprised with a promotion or reward for all of the hard work you’ve been putting in lately. Soak it up and enjoy. You’ve earned it!


Take a deep breath, Gemini. This month is the time for focusing on your responsibilities so that you can be a little more care-free for the last half of 2019. Focus on streamlining your daily routine, getting organized, and upgrading your self-care routine. Use the two powerful New Moons this month to set your sights forward on what you want to usher into your life next year. After all of that self-exploration and goal setting, give yourself permission to relax a little. Sit by the pool, meditate near a body of water, or just make out with that hottie you’ve had your eyes on all summer. You deserve it.


It’s Cancer season, and I’m willing to bet you’ve cried every day so far since June 22nd. Cry those tears, and then get brave and bold. It’s time for you to take a courageous leap forward into something that you’ve been sitting on the fence on. Everyone you know and love will support you, even if they do think you’re going out on a limb and out of your comfort zone. This has its roots in the past, going all the way back to 2000. Also, love, get honest with yourself about that friend who is draining your time and energy. It’s okay to kick her to the curb. Don’t even feel a shred of guilt about it. Blame it on July horoscopes if you must.


Did you find yourself in a bit of a rut last year, always saying you want to do something or learn something new, but then not actually doing it? It’s time to wake up and take some action, dear Leo. Find your inner fire, conjure up your strongest willpower, and break the pattern that’s been keeping you stuck. If you get an invitation to do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do, take it. Even if it means you’re not taking center stage at the event—this time. New events bring new opportunities. Promise.


However hard it may be, it really is best to let others be themselves without criticizing them, whether verbally or in your own mind. Giving people the space to be their authentic selves without judgement actually makes you a better person, Virgo. This applies on every level: physical, emotional, mental, and even on a soul level. You may be surprised by a promotion or an opportunity that seemingly falls on your lap. Take the opportunity and thank the Universe for the abundance that’s about to come your way.


You’re in the home stretch of a project or plan that you’ve been working on since last year. Welcome the end, even though you may feel a little sad about a goodbye. It may feel like more effort to wrap things up than you want it to be, but you will feel fantastic about the end result. And more importantly, it’s opening up space in your life for some amazing things in 2020. Someone you owe something to—whether it be time, attention or resources—may find their way back into your life. You know how important balance is, so pay back your dues and feel good about it.


Your negotiation skills are on point this month, dear Scorpio. Of course, they always are, because you know how to read people and work people to get what you want, but your skills will be particularly sharp this month. It’s also time to get honest with yourself about what you’re contributing to your most important relationships. Take stock and notice the areas where you can perhaps give a little more honesty without a sharp tongue, or where you can treat someone a little more tenderly than you may otherwise, even when they’ve messed up.


It’s hard to get you to stay still for long, Sagittarius. It’s even harder to get you to listen to a friend’s advice—but that is exactly what this month is calling for. It’s almost the start of a new cycle in your life, which you can almost see on the horizon. This Fall promises new beginnings, so connect with a wise friend who can give you some advice about your next steps. Let your hair down and cut loose too, because the Fall is also bringing with it a lot of responsibilities. All good things! But you’ll want to relax while you can.


Take a breather, Capricorn. No, really. Do it. Take some time to look back on all of the progress you’ve made in your life since 2018. This is your month for a little life review of sorts, to assess what you accomplished, take stock of what you wanted but didn’t get, and give thanks for the blessings that came your way thanks to the lovely people in your life. Spend some time with a friend who sees the world and life differently from you—maybe connect with that Aquarius pal who is always saying zany things, because you need some perspective about life events that go beyond your serious outlook on life. You won’t regret it.


July is a turning point for you, Aquarius. It’s time you learn to share the load, organize your time and efforts, and compromise with others on a way forward. It is time to give yourself more time for self-care. So delegate, would ya! Roll up your sleeves and put in the work that is delegating to others. It’s going to require you to be ruthlessly practical, but it has to be done. This will give you the space you need to be alone and enjoy the smaller pleasures in life. Stop and enjoy the butterflies, or just slow down and relax in nature for a while every day. Your soul needs some restoration and relaxation this month. Everything else can be put on the back burner until you get some much-needed perspective on what’s important in life.


Oh, sweet Pisces. You’re highly sensitive on any given day, but your intuition and deep feelings will be even more intense this month, according to July horoscopes. If you find your head and heart at battle over a decision, listen to your heart. You may find yourself embroiled in drama that doesn’t belong to you. You’ll have to slow down, back off, and remove yourself from the situation a few times until you realize that it just isn’t worth hurting your tender heart over, no matter how badly you want everyone to get along and just love each other. On the bright side, something you’ve been pouring your energy into will flourish this month. And not only that, but you’re going to be hit with a moment of inspiration that will have a positive effect on the rest of 2019. You’ll be so happy and when you persist and put your energy here, you’ll reap great rewards.

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