Indya Moore Raises $20,000 In COVID-19 Relief For Black Trans People

“I don’t want to see trans and queer folks slip through the cracks while everyone else is receiving so much help and attention,” Indya Moore said.

As the effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to ripple across the U.S., actor Indya Moore is stepping in to raise funds for Black trans and queer people who may “slip through the cracks.” Moore has raised $20,000 so far, according to Vogue.

The “Pose” star announced their fundraising effort on Instagram. It started with a simple mission to give $50 to 50 Black trans and queer people, but the initiative quickly grew as a result of the huge response. As of April 10, Moore said they had raised $20,000 for 400 people in need, most of whom were Black trans people, especially women.

“In times of [crisis]…well, really…in times.. all the time…black trans women are the last of us all to receive help and resources, if any at all. It’s really important to me to prioritize those who will always be thought of as last, if thought of at all,” Moore wrote on Instagram. “I am looking at all requests and I am looking at all trans folks in need however I am prioritizing the needs of black trans women first, the ones who are least likely to have friends, boyfriends and families checking in or present at all.”

In addition to Black trans women, relief funds have also gone towards “Latinx, Asian, indigenous, queer, trans, disabled and differently abled folk as well,” Moore said. The way it works is simple: allies and fellow LGBTQ+ people who want to help send money to Moore’s Cash App account. Then Moore redistributes the money to people who reach out with a need.

Moore explained their inspiration for the relief fund in an interview with Vogue.

“You know, whenever I think about this pandemic, I think about the AIDS epidemic and how there was really no response to it at first,” Moore said. “Queer and trans people were literally left alone to die. I don’t want to see trans and queer folks slip through the cracks while everyone else is receiving so much help and attention. There are so many great drives and fundraising efforts for those who are hungry or don’t have access to essentials, but the last people to receive these things are usually trans people.”

As Moore explained, the current focus on wealth redistribution is something that could potentially continue even after COVID-19 is over. “This should be something that we should continue to always do,” they said. “That’s what equality looks like.”


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