Indiana Senate To Begin Debate on Marriage Ban Bill

The Indiana Senate Judiciary Committee is on Wednesday set to begin debating legislation that would ban marriage equality in the state


The Indiana Senate Judiciary Committee will on Wednesday begin debate on a measure that would ban marriage for gay and lesbian couples in the state.

The resolution was approved 70-26 by the Ind. House in February, and is expected to face little opposition in the Republican-dominated Senate. Indiana voters, however, will not be asked to weigh in before 2014 – the earliest the state constitution can be altered.

Opponents of the anti-gay measure rallied outside the Indiana Statehouse on Monday. The group Rally for Equality said of the protest, “[T]his is the opportunity to tell your State legislators and all of Indiana that we will not take NO rights for an answer.”

If passed by voters, the anti-gay bill would also outlaw civil unions.


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