Hurricane Isaac Blamed on Gays

Clearly, we are a lot more powerful than we get credit for.

Did you know that homosexuals have caused both Hurricane Katrina and Isaac? Clearly, we are a lot more powerful than we get credit for.

Some Christian extremists have publicly related the two hurricanes to Southern Decadence, an annual LGBT festival in New Orleans. According to its website, Southern Decadence has over 120,000 LGBT attendees per year as well as a $125 million economic impact, and is recognized by the city of New Orleans with an official proclamation.

But despite its popularity as the “gay Mardi Gras,” many religious conservatives and locals believe God is actually trying to rid the city of its wickedness. Pastor John McTernan wrote in his blog, Defend and Proclaim the Faith, that “the church, city and nation have not repented and the homosexual agenda is far worse than it was in 2005″ before musing that “it could be that God is putting an end to this city and its wickedness. The timing of Hurricane Isaac with Southern Decadence is a sign that God’s patience with America’s sin is coming to an end.” He claims that it is untrue to say that Jesus never condemned homosexuality, and that the word ‘fornication’ is used to identify homosexuality.

Last time I checked, fornication was the act of consensual sexual intercourse between two unmarried people, at least according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. McTernan pointed out that the term ‘homosexuality’ was not coined until the 1800s, 300 years after the publication of the King James Bible, thereby explaining why the word isn’t found in the good book. And yet, the word ‘fornication’’s first known use was in the 14th century, which if my math serves me correctly is about 1,300 years after Jesus lived.

If wingnuts are going to use dates, they should use them properly—the same way you should know the facts if you’re going to blame a certain group of people for a natural disaster.

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