How To Set A Strong Intention And Manifest Your Dreams This New Moon

This new moon is all about new beginnings.

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The moon always shows up in my life when I need her the most. Sometimes I forget about her energy and get caught up in the business of life—but then when I’m having a horrible day or going through a breakup or just feeling not ~myself~, I feel her pull again. She pulls me to look up at her and get wrapped up in her energetic glow instead of the anxieties filling my head at the moment.

I’m not an astrologer, but I believe in energy and the magic of setting intentions. If you manifest something for your life, I believe that it will come to you. And the best time to focus on this energy of creating a path forward is during the new moon.

The new moon is also known as the dark moon; when she is hiding from us, taking a break and replenishing her own sources of energy so that she can continue to give life to the universe. And though you can’t see her during the new moon, I find that it’s one of the most reflective and powerful times for myself. She is invoking something from us even when she isn’t present.


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This new moon comes to us in Libra but will leave us in Scorpio— she puts forth a request for us all to embrace harmony and balance in our relationships. The patriarchy that we live in wants us to be divided and angry with one another, it perpetuates self fear or fear of others. We’re left constantly competing to get the “one up” on the person next to us. But we need to be honest with ourselves and accept the fact that we—our community, our loved ones—are really all we have at the end of the day. Material things will do you no good, but the people you share this life with are worth treasuring.

This is a time for connection—with your inner being and your loved ones. But this is no easy feat, this new moon in Libra is an invitation to think about your relationships in a new way and to challenge the ways in which you exist in the world. Maybe you need to do better for the people in your life. Or maybe you’re completely burned out and you need a break, babe. Now is the time to speak your truths, with the sun and moon both in Libra—allow the thoughts of your subconscious be brought to life and speak them out loud.

Journaling prompt: How do you handle new beginnings?

When setting new moon intentions, journaling is vital for me. If you don’t have the energy to write at this moment, then maybe use these prompts to bring up thoughts and allow yourself to sit for an hour or two with these new ideas floating about.

What new beginnings are happening in your life right now? Are you embarking in a new romantic relationship? Are you leaving a romantic relationship and feeling empowered in your solitude? Are you starting a new job? Are you moving into a new home? Do you have a budding new friendship? Are you starting a new creative collaboration?

Whatever it may be, think about how you’ve handled new beginnings in the past. Do you welcome them with open arms? Do you run and hide from the in fear? Do you feel uneasy at the thought of something new in your life?

Then ask yourself why. Why has that been your response in the past? Do you want to try to handle this particular new beginning in a different way? If so, how will you go about that?

These questions will uproot how you will go about this new beginning happening for you right now. So journal away or simply resonate and think on it.

Give your intentions life. 

Whether you speak them out loud to a friend or whether you have your intentions only be heard by the new moon—be sure that you give power to your intentions through the act of spoken word.

The act of allowing your thoughts to exist outside of your mind or journal is a way of validating them. Whenever I do this—even if it’s a hope that I get the job I just interview for or that I have the energy to call my aunt back after word—I feel a sense of empowerment. Like yeah, I got this.

Burn a candle to cement your intentions. 

Now that you’ve prompted and challenged yourself with these thoughts of new beginnings and then had them validated by speaking them out loud—you’re ready to cement your intention. Take a candle, preferably a dark colored one since this is the invisible moon, and burn it over night. Before you burn it, you should carve your astrology sign into the side of the candle. If you journaled, you can place that piece of paper underneath your candle. Sit with your candle, see how the flame flickers and sparks throughout the night. Continue to think about this new energy and allow your thoughts to flow.

New beginnings can be scary and feel intimidating. I know it can be challenging, but if you have the capacity, allow yourself to uproot what you need to and allow yourself to fall freely into whatever is newly entering your life. This is a vital time to acknowledge your power and ability to listen to yourself, be honest and trust your intuition.

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