Here’s How You Can Support NYC Queer + Lesbian Bars During Quarantine

Help these places and workers stay afloat so we have some fabulous queer nightlife spots to return to once this is all over!

Thanks to COVID-19, we’re all stuck inside to help prevent the spread and to flatten the curve. During this time stuck inside, we’re busy having interesting interactions with those we’re quarantined with, dealing with our body hair issues, and mostly being so bored that we’re constantly looking for something new to do or experience.

When we’re stuck inside 24/7, that means we can’t go out to the amazing gay bars. And when we can’t go out to the bars, that means the bars can’t open! While we’re dealing with a pandemic, iconic NYC lesbian bars are dealing with that plus their workers losing pay and the possibility that they may not open again.

To help support these fabulous legends of NYC gay nightlife and their staff, we’ve rounded-up fundraiser links and details. Help these places and workers stay afloat so we have some fabulous queer nightlife spots to return to once this is all over!

The Stonewall Inn

The Stonewall Inn is more than just a packed-every-weekend queer bar; it’s also a symbol of the LGBTQ+ rights movement and community. The Stonewall Inn Uprising marked the fight for LGBTQ+ voices to be heard, respected, and taken seriously, and the people who work there continue to keep our history alive (and look sexy while serving us drinks). To help workers of The Stonewall Inn during these uncertain times, the bar set up a GoFundMe page for community members and allies to donate.

Henrietta Hudson

Established in 1991, Henrietta Hudson is another long-standing beacon of hope (and booze) for the NYC lesbian community. They’ve served as more than a bar during their time, acting as a community hub and a platform for LGBTQ+ advancement. Due to the loss of nightlife during COVID-19, Henrietta Hudson is facing a major lack of business that could hurt them when it comes time to reopening. To help sustain the bar, you can donate to their GoFundMe page.


Brooklyn queers know what’s up with Metropolitan, the bar that keeps the party going with drag shows and a packed house. The famed bar is known for its lit karaoke nights, outdoor patio, and insanely fun themed nights. You can help keep this badass watering hole serving up fun and legendary memories by donating to their staff relief fund here. According to the GoFundMe, if you show them your donation after they reopen, you get a free round on the house. Do good and get booze!


Cubbyhole is an iconic NYC lesbian bar that’s known to pack waaaay more ladies into their bar than you’d think is humanly possible. Cubby — as it’s affectionately known — is also a long-standing bar that has been one of the backbones of the NYC lesbian community for decades. Our Nightlife Dyke, Clare Hand, called it the place where “dreams come true” when she visited last year. Now, with the pandemic plaguing nightlife, it’s asking for support from the community via its GoFundMe page.

Ginger’s Bar

Ginger’s Bar has been in Brooklyn for over 20 years, offering queer people a back garden, a pool table, and a classic bar to hang out and drink at without fear of being judged. It’s the people behind the scenes that make Ginger’s what it is, though, so the bar set up a GoFundMe to help raise relief funds for the staff. However, since they hit their goal and are able to comfortably keep paying their workers, the fundraiser is now hoping to bank some money for the actual bar when it reopens.

The Woods

While The Woods isn’t a lesbian bar everyday, it holds a regular Wednesday night ladies night to create a space for the queer woman community. During the pandemic, however, they’ve had to close down all events — including Wednesday night queer get-togethers. Because there’s no service happening, The Woods employees have also lost shifts and salaries, and the bar is now raising money to go to their staff. You can donate to the bar on its GoFundMe page.

Mood Ring

Mood Ring is another bar that isn’t technically a queer bar, but the atmosphere is so fun and inviting for anyone of any experience that many Brooklyn LGBTQ+ members consider it one. Mood Ring, just like all other bars, is temporarily closed during the pandemic but is hoping to reopen once it’s safe. There are only six staff members at Mood Ring — all of whom have lost their source of income — so management is asking for donations for those employees. You can donate via Venmo or CashApp to the account $MoodRingNYC, and the bar promises to split the money received between the six incredible workers.

Happy Fun Hideaway

Happy Fun Hideaway is for the partiers who love late-night raging, frozen margaritas on the patio, and unique drag shows. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the bar has had to close its doors just like everyone else and is asking for help in making sure their staff remains paid. The bar has been unable to secure any government funding, so if you have a little to give, you can help them out on GoFundMe.

The Phoenix Bar

Put together by the staff of The Phoenix, the GoFundMe hopes to raise money to support them during this strange time of Coronavirus. Because the bar had to be shut down for the time being, the staff miss the glasses clinking and making every moment memorable at the bar — just like you do. By donating to their GoFundMe, you can be sure 100 percent of the proceeds go to your favorite bartenders and other workers.

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