Heart Camp Is A Space For Intentional Healing and Community

Get your self-care on, babes.

Heart Camp is a fully immersive glamping experience for adults. You get to relax, eat organic and local food, attend yoga and guided meditation and make new connections.

Heart Camp Courtesy of Erika Layne

This incredible retreat was founded by Sara Elise and Tara. The next sessions starts on August 11 in Upstate New York so if you were looking for the perfect getaway, you’ve found it. Sara Elise is passionate about creating space for queer and trans people to access a slowed down and non-judgement environment, filled with delicious organic food. As Sara and her partner Tara embarked on this journey, they knew they wanted to combine their passions in creating an experiential camp.

Heart CampPhoto by Erika Layne

“HeartCamp is basically camp for adults with a yoga and meditative movement component and meals provided throughout the day which are locally sourced and organic. Our goal is for people to take a weekend for themselves to recharge, learn about accessing their personal alignment, and feel great while doing so,” Sara Elise told GO. “Different healers host workshops on everything from transcended sound bath experiences to essential oil blend making to learning how to use the elements to manifest next steps and goals in their lives.”

Heart Camp  Courtesy of Erika Layne

After people attend the retreat, Sara Elise finds that they walk away feeling empowered with new resources to live a more healthful and peaceful life. “We’ve received really amazing responses from our HeartCamp family. Just last week someone who attended the last retreat very casually told me that she’s been eating really well since the retreat, how it jump-started things for her in creating a positive perspective shift in her life,” Sara Elise said. “That’s exactly what we want to do: provide a space where people want to tap into what it feels like to be physically, emotionally and spiritually aligned. Then, you can use that as a reference point when you’re back in your daily life.” Sara Elise and Tara are intentional about the healing they provide at HeartCamp. “I think it’s important to find something in our lives that speaks to us. For me, that’s food. For Tara, it’s yoga and meditative movement. It’s important to share that passion with other people.” Sara Elise continued,

“I love to empower others how to use food as a tool for self care. Many people don’t have this tool because they don’t have a positive relationship with food. For me, it was important to create a fully immersive experience to take people away from their day to day and busy social systems that they’re currently living in. We’re able to offer folks an experience where they can be fully present and focused on themselves- while they’re learning about how their mind and body is connected, learning how movement affects their mood, and learning how food affects their emotional well-being. It’s about collective care and healing with community.”

You can find Blind Seed community at @blindseed on Instagram to see more about Heart Camp. Sara Elise’s personal Instagram at @saraelise333 and if you’re interested in learning about her catering company, that’s @harvestandravel. Tara’s Instagram is at @taraaura to see more about her yoga offerings.

See you at the next Heart Camp!

Heart Camp Courtesy of Erika Layne

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