Halsey Wears T-Shirt Of Assaulted Lesbian Couple And Gives A Passionate Speech At Her London Gig

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During a performance at Electric Ballroom in Camden, North London on Monday, Halsey gave a rousing four-minute-long speech discussing homophobia, denouncing the “straight pride parade,” and mentioning a recent attack on a lesbian couple.

“Do you guys see the two young women on my shirt? Do you know who they are? The two people on my shirt are a young couple named Melania and Chris,” the singer said. “A couple nights ago, right here, they were assaulted because they’re lesbians, because they gave the appearance of being lesbians.”

Halsey was referencing the recent attack of lesbian couple Melania Geymonat and Chris, who were riding a bus in Camden, North London when they were harassed by a group of men. After refusing to kiss each other for the men’s entertainment, they were assaulted and robbed.

“The sad reality is that, after the Pride parades are over and after the bars close their Pride nights, when the glitter’s being swept out of the streets, a lot of people get on those trains and they get on those buses and they try to wash the rainbows off their bodies and they peel the stickers off their clothes,” the artist continued. “Because, when Pride is over, it’s not safe to be gay anymore. Because they are worried that someone is going to viciously assault them or viciously attack them.”

The couple wasn’t Halsey’s only focus, however. The bisexual singer continued on to discuss the “straight pride parade,” an event that has gained popularity recently because of its controversy.

“So, when people around the world ask them: “Why isn’t there a ‘Straight Pride’ parade?” The answer is, because if there was one, you wouldn’t have to get on the bus and be terrified of getting fucking beaten up or killed afterwards,” Halsey said in the speech. “That’s why there’s no ‘Straight Pride’ parade. Because every fucking day on public transport is a ‘Straight Pride’ parade.”

The crowd also participated with Halsey during the speech, shouting things like “f*ck straight pride” and cheering on her sentiments. The singer-songwriter ended by reminding fans that they were in a “safe space” before leading them in a chant of “I will not be afraid.”

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