Halsey’s New Music Video For ‘Nightmare’ Just Made Me Gayer

It’s almost a nightmare how hot she is.

As a special gift to all the queer women across the globe, queen Halsey has given us a new music video to drool over. You now officially have a weekend song to blast while you pregame with your squad before hitting up your local lesbian bar.

“Nightmare” dropped today and, not only is it a lit feminist anthem, the video features Halsey in a few different looks: in a cheetah pin-up look, with a bloody lip (still hot), as a queen, and most importantly, IN A SUIT. Hot girls in menswear always remind me what a flaming homosexual I am. What’s that, you say? I’m forgetting a major detail about the “Nightmare” video? I would NEVER forget to mention that Cara Delevingne is in the video, looking devastatingly sexy in menswear as well.


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The lyrics are full of rage and passion. In the chorus, Halsey belts “Come on little lady, give us a smile/ No, I ain’t got nothing to smile about/ I got no one to smile for, I’ve waited a while for/ A moment to say ‘I don’t owe you a Goddamn thing.'”

You can see the music video below. Enjoy, babes.

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