GO’s Best of Lesbian/Bi/Queer Women Pop Culture 2016

2016 has been ripe with bad news, hard losses and tragic events, right up until the very end. But there was a lot to celebrate for queer women as well that should not go unmentioned as we close another year. This is GO’s list of the best in Lesbian/Bi Pop Culture.

Best Book – Memoir

Abby Wambach – “Forward.” Abby Wambach’s being so forthcoming about her secret struggles with addiction to pain pills, alcohol and food was surprising to fans who watched the gold medal-winning athlete retire with incredible wins and honors in 2016. But “Forward” offered more than just the salacious details. Instead, it provided a lot of context and a desperately craved way in for fans to know the soccer player beyond her play on the field. “Forward” also gave readers Abby’s story of coming to terms with her sexuality and the relationships she’s had with women, up through her recent divorce from Sarah Huffman. Honest, raw and real, Abby Wambach went there, and it has seemed to serve her well.

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