GO Founder among stonewall foundation Award honorees

Amy Lesser receives an award from The Stonewall Foundation

On December 3, 2009, GO Magazine founder and publisher Amy M. Lesser was honored by the Stonewall Foundation for her philanthropic activism within and on behalf of the LGBT community. Lesser was one of 40 women to receive an award from Stonewall that night. According to Stonewall Foundation spokespeople, nominees were judged “on the merits of social responsibility, philanthropy and social activism.” The Stonewall Foundation works year round to fund, promote, and strengthen LGBT resources and concerns. Each year, the foundation officially recognizes those who have made a special impact on gay and lesbian society through their good works.

“I am deeply honored to be recognized by the Stonewall Foundation,” said Lesser, who created GO in 2002 “to provide a resource for women that would help fill the void in male dominated LGBT media.”

The 2009 Stonewall Awards were especially meaningful as they came on the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots; thus Stonewall’s choice to honor 40 women in memory of this landmark moment in LGBT history. Lesser’s fellow recipients included: Brigitte Alexander, Sandy Benedetto, Stephanie Blackwood, Lauren Blitzer, Jennifer Brown, Karin Buchholz, Annetta Budhu, Dr. Yvette Burton, Dorothy Calvani, Connie Cohrt, Lindsay Drucker-Mann, Kim Ford, Barbara Glassman, Darra Gordon, Reina Gossett, Maria-Elena Grant, Beth Greenfield, Natasha Haase, Sarah Holland, Maya Iwata, Ileana Jimenez, RoMa Johnson, Kimberly Kakerbeck, Carri Lyon, Erin McHugh, Rosie Mendez, Lori Megown, Emily Morgan, Mai Ngyuyen, Kelli O’Donnell, Pauline Park, Oraia Reid, Kate Moira Ryan, Alix Smith, Danielle Sonnenberg, Kimberly Turner, MJ Vineburgh, Dava Weinstein and Sue Wicks.

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