Gloria Estefan Gets Real With Michelle Rodriguez & Rosie O’Donnell About Sexuality In New ‘Red Table Talk: The Estefans’

“No topic is off-limits as the women bring their own opinions and life experiences to the iconic table and to their communities.”

In the second episode of “Red Table Talk: The Estefans,” Gloria Estefan and family is joined by actress Michelle Rodriguez (“The Fast & The Furious” franchise) and comedian Rosie O’Donnell to discuss what it means to be out in show business.

The upcoming episode premieres today at 12 p.m. on Facebook Watch and comes on the heels of National Coming Out Day on October 11th. The Estefan family will discuss their own experiences first, sharing the challenges and memories of daughter Emily Estefan’s coming out. Rosie O’Donnell, a lifelong friend to the Estefans, will then join to discuss what made her come out and what it was like. Actress Michelle Rodriguez is set to open up about her coming out experience as well, diving into what it means to grow up as a bisexual and a Jehovah’s Witness.

“Red Table Talk” is synonymous with Jada Pinkett Smith, who helmed the series for three seasons and made the Facebook Watch show a must-see for those looking to talk about the personal and political lives of Black and brown people in America. Now, however, the torch has been passed to Grammy winner Gloria Estefan, who will host the show with her daughter, singer Emily Estefan, and niece, Daytime Emmy Award-winning Lili Estefan.

The new series is committed to centering the emotional health of those represented at the red table by allowing them a space to be comfortable and proud in their Latina and female identities, but also one that pushes the conversation forward by offering up some personal topics. In a press release, the show is described as “three generations of women coming together for a new series of candid conversations with family, celebrity friends and more.”

“No topic is off-limits as the women bring their own opinions and life experiences to the iconic table and to their communities,” reads the press release.

The family will also be joined by a number of friends and guests for honest, vulnerable discussions on trending topics as well as more meaningful ones. We can expect to see guests like Lele Pons and Karla Souza, Kate del Castillo and Jessica Maldonado, and Gloria Guillen, the mother of Vanessa Guillen, join the Estefans at the table for conversations on everything from mental health and coping with loss to empowerment and sexuality.

Check out the new episode on Facebook Watch at 12 p.m. on October 14th.

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