Ex-Gay Materials Allowed in Virginia High School

The Arlington County school district has decided to allow the distribution of "ex-gay" materials in its high school.

The Associated Press is reporting that the Arlington County, Virginia school board has decided to allow an alleged “ex-gay” group to distribute materials in their high school. These pamphlets, it was made clear, will not be forced upon students but rather, the “ex-gay” path is to be presented as an alternative lifestyle. The group, PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex Gays) sued the school district. They wanted the right to distribute these materials and although a written law has recently been created stating that the school board does not condone “backpack fliers,” each individual school has the right to make their own decision.

Although PFOX claims to not be targeting a younger age group at this time, the agreement grants them the access of distribution to middle and elementary school students.  The school system claims to be unbiased in this decision.

Ending their classification of homosexuality as a disorder in 1974, even The American Psychological Association has produced a sharp and contradictory response to the ex-gay movement.

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