The Dish: Rooney Mara Gets Sapphic in “Song to Song,” Bella Thorne on Coming Out as Bi

Always here for Rooney Mara’s lesbian tendencies.

It’s FRIDAY! I am so here for the weekend.

This article says a prankster played a lesbian porn at a Dutch polling station during the country’s parliamentary elections yesterday, but I’m dying to know which one, specifically. Plot matters.

I love when advice columnists give homophobic parents the smackdown: “She’s not your daughter’s ‘lesbian friend,’ she’s your daughter’s girlfriend.”

Ellen Klage‘s new novel “Passing Strange” is a “lesbian time-travel novella that’s full of torch songs and 1930s pulp comics and drag kings and romance and science and magic and Jewish folklore and great old-school San Francisco Italian pizza and sexy Asian dancers taking advantage of white tourists’ Orientalist yearnings for ‘a new slant in entertainment.'” It sounds great except for that racism part, but I’m assuming she’s skewering the racist fetishists, not celebrating them.

We can never stop learning how to be better at inclusive, intersectional feminism. Buzzfeed takes this on in depth.

A taxi driver in Worcester refused to serve a lesbian couple because they were holding hands.

Lez-themed web series “Different For Girls” is a highlight at this year’s BFI Flare Film Festival. Helena, Guinevere Turner and Melissa Ferrick‘s “Drive” as the track on the trailer. Super gay.

The creator of “League of Legends” says he doesn’t just want to insert an LGBT character into his games for the hell of it:

“We owe it to the players and, I think, to the world to do something like that. What I don’t want to do is be like, ‘Okay, team, next character, whatever you do, has to be lesbian.’ I don’t think we’ll end up with something good there…. From the beginning, it has to be the character’s identity. I’m sure we’ll do it at some point. I don’t know which character or when it will happen.”

I swear straight people think that when they make a character a lesbian, it’s like giving her a handicap that they think will consume her entire life and being. “How can she ever win in the battle arena if she is thinking about scissoring non-stop!?!?”

The Fenway Institute issued a press release today stating that the American Health Care Act would harm LGBT people and other minority groups based on their extensive research.

Yesterday Alabama House members voted in support of faith-based adoption organizations who don’t want to place children with LGBTQ parents. Out Rep. Patricia Todd is pissed:

“I’m tired of being in a country where I’m not welcome,” Rep. Patricia Todd, a Birmingham Democrat, told Rep. Rich Wingo, the Tuscaloosa Republican who sponsored the bill. “And to deal with institutions that know nothing about me but make a judgment that I’m a bad person because I am gay.”

A Florida lesbian couple is actively lobbying their local government to improve conditions for women, children and minorities.

Suze Orman has one thing to say about Donald Trump‘s new budget plan: DENIED.

Bella Thorne talks about coming out as bisexual on Twitter with Out:

“I didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal, but of course my publicist calls me right after, and she’s like, “You can’t just go around saying that!’ And I’m like, ‘Why can’t you?’ It made me even more like, ‘Fuck you guys, I’m totally bisexual!’ I think it’s about time people start stepping into the spotlight with the truth of who they are.”

Is she not giving us total “Lost and Delirious” meets “Blue is the Warmest Color” in this pic though?

photo courtesy of Out

The new “Heathers” reboot is moving from TVLand to a new network, and it also has a black lesbian Heather and a genderqueer Heather so you know where I’ll be when that show finally premieres.

photo courtesy of TVLand

In other good news, Rooney Mara engages in “an affair with a French beauty named Zoey (Bérénice Marlohe)” in the new film “Song to Song,” but a review refers to the storyline as “a Sapphic detour that seems to carry with it a faint but troubling whiff of judgment.” The movie is in theaters now, so you can see for yourself.

Have the best weekend!

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