The Dish: “The L Word” Reunites, “Rough Night” Is Super Queer

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I haven’t Dished in a few because we were working hard on the new summer issue for ya (stay tuned for all the goods right here on!), but ICYMI, all of that reunion chat about “The L Word” was mostly because of this photo and video shoot the cast did with Entertainment Weekly. It was a lot of reminiscing and Kate Moennig saying she hated Season 6. (SO SAY WE ALL.)

Photo courtesy EW

Did you go see “Rough Night”? It’s so queer-inclusive and I love it. I was actually surprised at how many feelings I had about a mainstream comedy being so good about gay shit. Also, I realize that part of the plot is about the alleged murder of a sex worker, which is never cool, but…well, I can’t spoil anything. Suffice to say things aren’t what they seem.

Speaking of bachelorette parties, offers some tips on how to throw a lesbian a fun pre-wedding celebration. (I actually love the idea of a lingerie shower.)

LGBTQ Jews who participated in a recent pro-Israel parade are getting some feedback from others in the community who do not agree with their being a part of pinkwashing and anti-Palestinian viewpoints. Meanwhile, Bustle published a piece from a trans Zionist who was a part of the event, and I still really can’t believe they did. But controversy gets clicks, right?

Bob the Drag Queen has lesbian friends, and I want to know why I am not one of them.

A new musical-themed film about a lesbian, “Becks,” premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival and reviews are fair. Lena Hall of “Hedwig” fame stars as a singer-songwriter who goes back to her hometown of St. Louis to live with her ex-nun mom and meets Mena Suvari while performing in a local bar.

Spotify has launched a new enhanced series of playlists for Pride that “highlight key moments in LGTBQ history,” narrated by Halsey, Troye Sivan and Miley Cyrus. Everything is so queer now!

President Trump and the first lady visited Officer Crystal Griner and her wife in the hospital over the weekend. Then VP Pence tweeted some positive sentiments about Griner’s actions having “saved lives and prevented an even great tragedy” when she helped to stop a shooting at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia recently. And yet, June isn’t Pride month, so.

I was so sad to hear about the passing of Irish professor/activist Dr. Ann Louise Gilligan, who died last Wednesday “from complications following a brain hemorrhage sustained 87 days before.” She was 61, and along with her partner, Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone, she was outspoken about LGBT rights in Ireland, petitioning the Revenue Commissioners to be treated as a couple after making it legal in Canada in 2003. After being denied, they became public advocates for marriage equality in the country, which was finally made legal in 2015. (They married again the following January.)

But what’s fucked is that a former colleague of Ann’s,  Ciarán Ó Coigligh at Dublin City University’s St Patrick’s College, is using her death as an opportunity to champion homophobia. He sent a letter to the entire university staff that included this B.S.:

“I valued Ann Louise’s and Katherine’s friendship all the more because it did not prevent me giving expression to the fact that same-sex attraction is a disorder that can be overcome and affected individuals restored to orderly sexual orientation; that people are robbed of their human dignity by being defined solely in terms of sexual attraction and grouped under the hideous acronym LGBT; and that a (sexual) relationship between two women or between two men cannot be conjugal, cannot be consumated, and cannot constitute marriage.”

Thankfully, the University is not having it. They released this statement: “While Dublin City University supports the concept that universities are fora where views from many different perspectives can be shared and debated respectfully, we do not condone communications that run counter to our policies and ethos of respect and dignity.”

Will I be seeing you at the Back Lot Bash this weekend? It’s Chicago’s longest-running all-girl Pride party in the heart of Lesbotown, aka Andersonville. (Related: A brief history of Chicago LGBT life and Pride.)

Serbia’s first female prime minister is a lesbian because of course she is. All hail Ana Brnabić! Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić spoke highly of the 41-year-old “non-party technocrat” (who studied in the U.S.), calling her “hard-working, [with] professional and personal qualities.”

Selena Gomez dresses in drag AND has a lesbian crush on her teacher (also played by her) in her new music video.

Allure made this handy list of bi/pansexual celebrities for you. Michelle Rodriguez looks so sad about it in the photo they chose.

NPR chats with Beth Ditto about her new album, “Fake Sugar” which is out now. She’s also stunning in Interview (where she’s interviewed by noneother than Miss Piggy!) and the New Republic.

Photo by Interview

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