The Dish: Cara Delevingne Is This Summer’s Bisexual Blockbuster Action Star, Taiwan Gets Equal Marriage

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Congrats to Taiwan, who has been granted the legalization of same-sex marriage based on the finding that disallowing it would be unconstitutional. The Constitutional Court decided that current marriage laws are discriminatory and should be amended within the next two years by the Legislative Yuan, whose only other option is to enact entirely new laws. Either way, Taiwan will be the first place in Asia to have equal marriage, and that’s pretty incredible.

The “Alien” franchise has a bizarre history with thinly veiled LGBT characters, and all we ever wanted was for Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley to be a huge lesbian.

Speaking of huge lesbians, Lea DeLaria has been named this year’s Chicago Pride Grand Marshall. She’ll also be performing at the Ravinia’s Martin Theatre on June 25. Bring a picnic!

Janet Mock is in this week’s New York Times Magazine, touching on her latest book and being referred to as a “trans advocate.”

A headline that made me LOL inside: “My wife’s lesbian friends threaten my life, man tells court.” This is happening in Lagos, and if any of his story is true, then his wife is living a pretty exciting life.

Portland’s coolest queer gatherings are happening at the Killingsworth Dynasty, including Lez Do It, which is the city’s “premiere lesbian party.”

China’s “marriage market” has parents of singles coming together to do some matchmaking every single weekend. Some LGBT parents tried to participate recently, and they were met with hostility and asked to leave. Jerks. I hope all of the proud moms and dads start their own and then give us updates on the the mating is going, because I bet that will lead to some interesting drama.

LA Magazine details the history behind West Hollywood becoming Gay Central. It had something to do with old Hollywood, as closeted queer stars liked to gather at places like lesbian actress Alla Nazimova‘s mansion “that became notorious for its debauched parties.” Now I have FOMO.

Speaking of old Hollywood, Broadly celebrates queer legend Marlene Dietrich, who will forever be a bisexual sex symbol.

The second-annual all-lesbian film festival, Cinema Systers Film Festival, is going down in Paducah, Kentucky of all places. It’s going down this weekend with live performances, art shows and, of course, movie screenings.

If you love Sapphic cinema, then I suggest seeing “AWOL.” Perhaps this clip from the film could convince you. It just became available on iTunes and On Demand.

Rachel Maddow was a guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this week, where she talks about the President’s latest trip abroad. She’ll likely have even more to talk about on “Howard Stern” today.

An Indiana lesbian couple is having to argue that they should both be named as parents on their children’s birth certificates without having to adopt them. A panel of three judges heard their case on Monday, with one, Judge Diane S. Sykes, telling them: “You can’t overcome biology. If the state defines parenthood by virtue of biology, no argument under the Equal Protection Clause or the substantive due process clause can overcome that.” The couple’s lawyer, Karen Celestino-Horseman, retorted: “Your Honor, with all due respect, we maintain that parenthood is no longer defined by biology.” The Seventh Circuit is currently taking the case under advisement, with no set date for a ruling. Get it together, Indiana!

I am loving that a queer woman is poised to be one of the biggest action stars of the summer. Cara Delevingne looks like she kicks a lot of ass in the new “Valerian” trailer.

See you on Thursday!

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