Demi Lovato Kisses Dancer Jojo Gomez Teasing Lesbian Hearts Everywhere

It all feels a little ~too good~ to be true.

Is Demi Lovato purposefully trying to smash the hearts of lesbians scattered all across the globe? First, the pop diva with the elusive sexuality is seen clutching hands with our collective lesbian crush, Lauren Abedini (who goes by the DJ name “kittens”) and now we’re finding out that she kissed her gorgeous, sexy dancer/choreographer Jojo Gomez when the clock struck midnight, 2018? It all feels a little too good to be true, doesn’t it babes?

Happy New Year @ddlovato 💋😘✨. First kiss of 2018! 😛

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So, what is going on here? Did Lovato just reveal that she and Gomez are dating? After all, it has been a celesbian trend lately to either come out or reveal an engagement or marriage on the ole ‘gram (ahem, Ellen Page, ahem).

After a quick deep dive into the internet gossip vortex, we regret to inform you the kiss between Lovato and Gomez, which took place on stage in Miami when the clock struck midnight on 2018, was probably nothing more than a “friendly” “show kiss” as Gomez (according to her Instagram) has a boyfriend. After all, kissing is a dance move. 

Lovato, who has admitted to being on exclusive dating app for creatives, Raya (which we happen to know from personal experience is 90 percent made up of skinny models, Hollywood offspring and poppy celebrities) has her matches set to both boy creatures and girl creatures (it’s all about that ~human connection~ for Lovato, baby). She’s been lighting lesbian hearts on fire ever since twitter informed of us that she was getting cozy with Abedeni.

“Maybe I have a shot with her? She’s always been my crush!” seventy percent of my lesbian, bisexual, and queer girlfriends cooed hopefully when rumours of Lovato’s Sapphic tendencies first began to swirl across the world wide web. While most of my friends might not stand a chance with Lovato due to the fact that she’s uh, super famous, and we’re like, not at all famous at ALL, at least they can revel in the fact that it’s not because they’re women. It’s simply because she’s being served caviar in the VIP section and we’re sitting coach chewing on stale bread. Oh well!

Whether or not Lovato and Gomez are kissing IRL is really none of our business. But lucky for us, we can gaze into the super-beautiful picture of the two gorgeous entities locking lips and embark on a lovely little fantasy in our undersexed brains.

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Happy 2018, lezzies, dykes, queer babes, and bi beauties!



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