GO TV Presents: @DATINGZOE Episode 2 #theroommate

A new comedy based on the real-life dating struggles of a lesbian in NYC.

Good morning, sweet GO babes. We’re thrilled, thrilled, thrilled to bestow you, on this super fine morning, with episode #2 of Dating Zoe, the lesbian web series of our lesbian dreams. The lesbian web series we’ve been collectively craving.

Full disclosure: This episode dives into some pretty interesting topics that are all too relatable for the GO staff. In fact, this is our favorite episode yet! Check her out. Purr. (Unless you haven’t indulged your eyeballs in episode #1 yet! If not what the hell are you waiting for?)

Oh, and let us know this: What do you think of exes who still live together? Is that like, a red-flag or is that just par for the lesbian dating course? Let us know in the comments. Episode 3 drops next Thursday at 10 AM EST. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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