C’Mon, Get Happy: Dr. darcy shows you how

Find out about “Happy Hour” with Dr. Feelgood

You know her as GO’s longtime mental health advice columnist—but beginning in early November, you might want to start calling Darcy Smith, Ph.D., “Dr Feelgood.”

Smith, a licensed clinical social worker, will launch “Happy Hour with Dr. Darcy,” a series of four classes that will teach the elements of “positive psychology”—or in lay terms, how to be happier. “I’m going to explain the teachable steps that people can take to enhance their wellbeing,” Smith says. “It’s true that people are born with a certain disposition to happiness, but that only accounts for 50 percent of their overall ability to be happy. The rest can be learned. These classes are geared toward people who want to get more out of life.”

Smith will measure each participant’s happiness level at the first session, and compare it with his or her level measured at the final session. There will be homework, too.

Classes will take place in SoHo on consecutive Fridays this month. For more information, call 212-604-0144 or log on to Dr. Darcy’s new advice-oriented blog, askdrdarcy.com.

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