Cara Delevinge Thinks Margaret Qualley Is CUTE & We’re Foaming At The Mouth

Who knows what’s really going on? Who knows what goes on in the lesbian fashion underworld, besides the long-limbed lesbian fashion icons themselves?

Cara Delevinge thinks Margaret Qualley is CUTE! 

In these dark times, few things provide me with a wonderful (albeit cheap) thrill.  The world is heavy. The news is heavier. I’m sore.

But you know what always has the ability to make me feel temporarily light and giddy? A lesbian-love-affair media-frenzy! See, we lesbians are not blessed with the daily onslaught of celebrity dating gossip like our straight cohorts are. Lesbians are elusive. So when we’re given even the *smallest* sapphic pop-culture nugget, we devour it like it’s goddamn beluga caviar washed back with champagne!

Doesn’t a gossip nugget sound particularly tasty today? Well, if you’re thirsty like me, please allow me to hand-feed you the juice.

Because last night as I was laying in bed scrolling my life away, one of my favorite queer media darlings popped up on my screen. Who?

Glad you asked: Good ole’ Cara Delevigne! (Purr).

Cara Delevinge
Photo by Shutterstock

And wait, a minute…is she announcing her new relationship via Instagram?


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I’m not cute, you are @margaretqualley ❤️

A post shared by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) on

It certainly appears that way…

Let’s break this shit down, lesbians. The cryptically captioned “I’m not cute you are @margaretqualley” doesn’t exactly scream “we’re IN LOVE!” — however. I love my best friends but I don’t tend to post TEN consecutively cozy pictures of us together, on my Insta. I don’t really call my best friends, “cute” either. (That makes me feel strange inside).  Nor do I post sweet pictures of us canoodling in the desert. (Below is a screenshot of the eighth picture in the post).

Cara Delevinge
Photo by Instagram

Because while I might get drunk with my friends in the desert, I don’t snuggle with them among the palm trees and mountains. The only picture that seems remotely best friend like in the whole lot is this boob-grab one. This is the only picture that has BFF energy.

Cara Delevinge
Photo by Instagram

But then again, even the most intense of girl/girl romances can have some bestie vibes tossed into the mix. That’s the beauty of being a dyke.

So who is this Margaret Qualley?


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Hey, I love you @cassblackbird

A post shared by Margaret Qualley (@margaretqualley) on

Well besides the fact that she is the stunner in this absolutely epic Chanel capture, the twenty-five-year-old beaute is a model, classically trained ballerina and actress. She’s also the daughter of iconic actress, Andie MacDowell — who (I think) she bears a striking resemblance to. Modeling, acting, and seemingly-glamorous (keyword: “seemingly”) upbringings aside, Qualley and Delevingne seem to be connected on a deep level. Not only do they look so gleeful and joyous together, but they’re also activists who are unafraid to express their beliefs on Instagram. (They’ve also both had the VERY UNIQUE experience of being official faces for Chanel).

As of time of publication, Qualley has not yet responded to Delevingne’s social media tribute (rude). But you know who has? Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber, who was rumored to be dating Delevingne a few months back. She commented: “I feel lucky to know you both.” 

Usually, an ex doesn’t leave such sweet comments. Though, who knows what the hell is actually going on here? Who knows how these girls navigate their dating lives? After all, they’re supermodel, celebrity off-spring living in a lesbian fashion underworld! Who knows what goes on in the lesbian fashion underworld, besides the long-limbed lesbian fashion icons themselves?






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