Blast These Queer Songs While Cruising With Your Squad

Turn up these lit queer songs and ride.

Spring is thankfully finally her; it’s been a long time coming. This time is all about awakening—and what better way to wake TF up than through music? Maybe you’re spring cleaning in your queer collective house and need some jams to distract you from the various messes your roommates have left unattended all winter long, or maybe you need some tunes for a good ole’ queer road trip into the forest to build a fort with your lesbros and pretend to be woodland creatures (no judgment). No matter what you’re doing this spring season, I’ve got you covered with some #Bangerz to keep you in good spirits. Here are some queer songs that I am currently loving:

NORMA TANEGA – “Walking My Cat Named Dog

I’m going to say this once for the people in the back, “NORMA TANEGA IS A BLACK LATINX QUEER ICON!!” She had this totally wily queer (as in strange) hit in the 1960’s, Walking My Cat Named Dog and a life as strange as her music. She was a camp counselor in the Catskills when she randomly ended up signing to New Voice Records in 1966. As well as being a painter and a percussionist, Tanega also dated Dusty Springfield for years, even writing some of her songs. In a time where two women dating and sharing a home together was a total anomaly, the two were basically out to those who knew them closely.

Additionally, if you’re wandering home from a long night of partying and living it up in the newly warmer weather, you might like to listen to her other hit about doing the same, “A Street That Rhymes at 6am.”

DIVORCER – “Half a Time

Marita, Hannah, Beth, and Katie—those are their names and don’t wear them out. Divorcer is #SquadGoals, and the members mean business. But, they also mean pleasure or, more accurately, play. They’re having fun. The love is automatic. It’s like a seesaw or pair of wheels rolling along to a nearby beach. Wherever they’re going, you want to go there with them; the destination is just as important as the steps. Divorcer knows that repetition amplifies and amplification assembles. Soon it’ll be the only sound in the room. Even as they intone, “I can make myself nothing, I can make myself nothing,” it’s obvious they won’t. In fact, they’re the girl gang that’s doing just the opposite.

CHAI – “I’m Me

CHAI is the J-pop punk band with super Kawaii choreography that’s a coordinated effort to make you feel like dancing in the streets. In “I’m Me,” they intermix Japanese lyrics with English ones, singing “everybody’s special, girl” in ultra-adorable and elastic vocal somersaults. Their instrumentation and song arrangement is totally out of this world crazy and is articulated with a level of technical dexterity and precision that borders on the computerized. It sounds as if they’re a sentient pink cloud magically come to life to give you your favorite bubble tea and tell you that you are special. 

SNEAKS – “Holy Cow I Never Saw A Girl Like Her

Sneaks is Eva Moolchan’s genius post-punk, rap-infused, bass and beats project. Their new record Highway Hypnosis is just that: the perfect music for cruising or jet-setting. Every song makes you want to leave the country and hit on queers in different area codes. “Holy Cow I Never Saw A Girl Like Her” is a song for the moment you see the cutest babe ever in passing and are just basking in their glory. It’s been said that a glance is a form of prayer and a form of sex. So, go for it. Stare down that cutie ’til they disappear on the horizon. Or, better yet, ask them for their number.

CAROL POPE – “Vagina Wolf

Carol Pope wore patent leather chaps and latex fetish lingerie in an outdoor concert in a heat wave so you don’t have to. She walked up and down Rodeo Drive in a men’s pinstripe suit so that King Princess could run to Sephora in sweat pants between matinees. Pussy wouldn’t be God if it wasn’t for her. Respect that. You should know about her band Rough Trade and the song “Highschool Confidential; it was the first time anyone was singing blatantly sexual lesbian lyrics on a mainstream scale. I mean, she toured with David Bowie, for Christ’s sake. Everything she does from here on out is incredible, even this vaginal themed funeral dirge makes me feel like I’m falling into an abyss created by my own bullshit. You should definitely watch “Who’s Afraid of Vagina Woolf,” which is the film it’s from. Also, donate to her Go Fund Me to help her pay her medical bills. She’s our elder and she’s one of the sexiest ones we have.

DEAR NORA – “Sunset On Humanity

I, like many young punk queers, remember listening to Dear Nora either in a car or in a bedroom alone. I used to put their music on whenever I made art (a homosexual activity) and, no matter what was going on in my extremely hormonal and melodramatic life, the room would open up into a speculative landscape, and I could feel like it was ok to be myself. Whether it’s the tonally scaling cycles of their guitar, noodling into breezy, lightly strummed chords that feel like suggestions more than destinations, or their lyrical opacity, their songs feel like doodles detailing a life without macrocosms—the way driving down a long, winding road in the countryside is just about the next turn up ahead, quickly forgotten. 

QUAY DASH – “Decline Him

First of all: Quay Dash, Quay Dash, Quay Dash! Quay Dash is The #1 Femme MC to know. With lines like “rocking Rainbow like the sh*t was designer,” the queerness is swift and cutting. She’s about to make you feel like taking over the world, one hater at a time. This song is for all the end of Winter catcallers that come out around this time of year, thinking they can oppress the femme masses. The fact is, the can yell all they want, but they will never receive an iota of the attention Quay Dash effortlessly commands. Quay Dash gives you the one piece of advice that you’re gonna need: Decline Him.

Spring has sprung and so must you. It’s time for you to hit the town with your fellow queers and enjoy the sunlight. Use this playlist as a guide and let the music lead the way to your personal revolution.

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