The best of NYC art

In Oct 11, the Whitney Museum opens Kara Walker: My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love, the artist’s first full-scale American museum survey. Walker uses drawing, painting, colored-light projections, writing, shadow puppetry and film animation to narrate her tales of romance, sadism, oppression and liberation. Walker’s scenarios challenge conventional readings of American history and expose the collective, and ongoing, psychological injury caused by the legacy of slavery.

Now through Jan 28, the Brooklyn Museum displays nearly 80 works in a wide range of media by 45 artists in Infinite Island, an exhibit exploring how the Caribbean is defined, as both a real and an imaginary location. The exhibition approaches the Caribbean as a uniquely flexible space, where culture and history offer multiple possibilities of interpreting contemporary Caribbean experience. The artists represented have ties to 14 Caribbean nations, including Barbados, Cuba, Puerto Rico, St. Martin, Jamaica, Haiti and Trinidad.

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