America’s Most Captivating Couples 2009, Part I

Between new friends and familiar favorites, choosing the most delightful duos of 2009 was no easy task. But our hard work paid off and here we present part 1 of this year’s most captivating couples! Look for more couples in the March issue!

Debra & Jay

Brooklyn, New York
Deb, 30s, Assistant Director, Department of Energy
Jay, 30s, Ophthalmic Photographer

“At first Deb didn’t want to go out with me,” says Jay. “But I perservered and and eventually convinced her. Our lives have been filled with fun, laughter and joy ever since.” Debra and Jay dealt with the loss of their mothers around the same time and believe their humor and positive outlook helped them get through a difficult period. “Deb and I have had laughter in our relationship from the very first date. Our friends agree that sharing a warped sense of humor is one of the reasons why we have lasted so long.” The couple hopes to pass on a sense of humor to their 16-month-old daughter, J.B. “To be yourself with someone you love and be accepted without judgment is one of the greatest gifts you can have.”

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