Alina Carson

Alina Carson by Annie Kleb

Alina Carson has appeared in Jess Dunn’s “@DatingZoe” and “Gray Ground” and the Instagram scripted series “Besties: The Ultra Mini-Series.” All of these indie roles are the precursor to her TikTok career-making dark yet comical videos about intersection racism, capitalism, and her queer existence. Carson’s TikTok has since blossomed into a platform that people were able to truly identify with. “I wasn’t accustomed to taking up space with my own ideas or opinions because my whole life I’ve been conditioned to keep myself small,” she says. Now, no longer content to be “small,” she’s become more invested in creating her own work and exploring the complexities of queer identity in addition to acting. While workshopping new scripts, she enjoys the input of her peers, telling GO: “Sometimes I’m wrong about things, and it’s great! I’m always learning and listening. I’m only one person with one set of experiences to pull from, and queerness is not a monolithic experience.” This authentic depiction of queerness is important to Carson, who finds big-budget scripts uninspiring and their agendas transparent. “My favorite involvements have been with small, passion projects,” she says. “I find that with indie films, the creators have a clear vision; there is no weird agenda to reach a certain demographic or pioneer diversity in a way that feels performative.” Carson is currently working on a new web series, a dark comedy about a book club whose members are less interested in novels than they are in discussing their own problems. The pilot drops on August 1. —NT

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