Sex Toy Chic: The Perfect Sex Toy For Every Type Of Lady In Your Life

Give the gift that keeps on giving.

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I love sex toys and can think of one for pretty much every occasion. So when putting together a gift guide of fun adult play toys, I figured I’d give you options for different types of people in your life. There is a sex toy for your lesbian bestie, your girlfriend, your butch friend, your f*ck buddy and yes even your straight friend.

I can’t say I’ve ever gifted a sex toy that hasn’t been appreciated by the receiver. I got my ex-girlfriend a beautiful leather harness once, it definitely had its fair share of usage. And one time, I even got my best friend some handcuffs. She wouldn’t stop talking about her desire to get more kinky, but she also couldn’t get over her fear of going into a sex toy shop. Gifting sex toys is so fun because you get to acknowledge a side of someone that we’re so often told to be quiet and private about. F*ck that, I want to talk about sex with all my friends. I want to give toys to everyone in my life! Because they’re a fun and sexy gift that you can get personal with.

The Shi Shi Union for your lesbian best friend

Shi Shi Union: $99 Photo by NS Novelties

This is the ideal gift for you lezzie bestie. It’s a brand new sex toy invented by a lesbian, for lesbians (specifically for scissoring). It has two different vibrating motors for each partner to feel ultimate pleasure while they grind away. “Position the Union vibe to hit all the right spots and let your bodies grind away to blissful ecstasy,” it says in the description.

If you gift this to your friend, she’ll know that you love her forever and want her to have the best sex ever. But I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be hard to give this away and not want to keep it for yourself! There is nothing else like it for sale.

The panty vibrator for your partner

Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator: $99.99 Photo by Love Honey

At first, wrap up the panties — they’re pretty and lacy. She’ll think it’s a great standalone gift and give you a hug. And then, hand her the next gift (which will be the vibrator). Plan your next date night strategically so that she can wear these panties, where she’ll slip the vibrator into a little pouch and then had you the remote for control of her pleasure all night long.

The remote works up to 100 feet, so you can surprise her even when you aren’t right next to her. By the time you get home from your date, you’ll be dying to unwrap those silky ribbons of her panties (trust me, I know from personal experience with this toy). Talk about sexy!

The Chakrubs Rose Wand for your hi-femme friend

The Rose Wand: $189 Photo by Chakrubs

Do you have a hi-femme friend who loves mascara, heels, and lipstick? If yes, then this is the perfect gift for her. Chakrubs is an incredible company that creates “sex toys made from natural crystal that bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime.”

This particular dildo is made of Rose Quartz — a crystal that speaks to the heart chakra. “It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.” I own one and can attest to the fact that these toys make you cum in the most magical of ways.

The Pride Edition Dildo for your butch friend

Colours – Pride Edition Dildo: $35 Photo by NS Novelties

I also see these dildos in sex toy stores and they make me giggle every time. This could be the best (half) gag gift for your butch bestie. I mean, it’s only halfway a gag gift because it’s a great dildo that has many uses. Even though the rainbow pattern is a little over-the-top.

It’s made of smooth, satin soft silicone so it feels amazing going in. It also has a suction at the base of the dildo — which can be used in shower or against a wall for self or partner pleasure. She’ll be getting it on in pride all the time, thanks to you!

The Beaded Stainless Steel Dildo for your straight best friend

Desire Luxury Beaded Stainless Steel Dildo: $74.99 Photo by Love Honey

This dildo means business. I abso-f*cking-lutely love this dildo because the weight (it’s heavy AF) of it is what makes it super pleasurable. However, I recently found out from co-worker and fellow sex writer Dayna Triosi that it’s not for everyone and it’s the toy that causes her to have ~dildo nightmares~.

BUT I think this could be perfect for your straight bestie. It’s easy to clean, very phallic, and also makes for a sexy paper-weight (you know, for when she’s not masturbating all the time). Be a good token lesbian friend, babes. Give the gift that keeps on giving.

The Luxe Juliet dual vibe for your f*ck buddy

Luxe Juliet Dual Seven Vibrator: $80 Photo by NS Novelties

When you gift this toy to your f*ck buddy, you are showing her that you’re the best f*ck buddy ever. Because even when you can’t come over for her 1AM “You up?” text, you’re making sure that she can still have an orgasm. This toy is small yet powerful. The silky smooth silicone it’s made of makes for a luxurious touch. It has 7 different vibrations settings and is fully waterproof so can be brought into the shower for play as well.

I highly recommend this toy as it can be used in many different ways. The dual “prongs” separate and can be inserted vaginally while the other stimulates the clit. Your friends-with-benefits girl will not be disappointed.

The Vesper Crave necklace for YOU!

Vesper: $69 Photo by Love Crave

We all deserve to give ourselves a little love this Holigay season. And THIS my dear friends, is my absolutely favorite sex toy that I own (and I have quite a lot). She is discrete because she covers as a stunning necklace (yes, I just gendered my vibrator). So if you’re traveling home to visit family, no one has to know that you’re masturbating in your childhood bedroom.

It has 4 speeds and 2 modes (pulsing and constant), all while being whisper quiet for privacy. You can recharge it with any USB port and it lasts for up to 90 minutes. You can also engrave a personalized message to yourself and all your amazing orgasm to come! Honestly, this toy is one that I recommend to everyone. Treat yourself, babes. 

So whether you’re gifting your bestie or your girlfriend — there is a sex toy for every amazing person in your life. Let the orgasms be plentiful for everyone.

Corinne Kai is the Managing Editor and resident sex educator at GO Magazine. You can listen to her podcast Femme, Collectively or sign up for her wellness newsletter or just stalk her on Instagram

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