10 Sexy NYC Dates Spots For City Lesbians Who Detest Tourists, Ice-Skating And Cold Weather

Do you hate activities and would rather just eat and drink? Us too!

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Dating in the summer seems like endless possibilities. It’s not even hard—just find a rooftop, wear a slutty crop top, and drink. Anywhere is a date if you’re outside. Now that it is about to get depressingly cold, we have to be a little more thoughtful in our date plans.

Are you equal parts dyke princess and equal parts lesbian scrooge like me? Does the thought of ice skating make you want to gag? Do you hate Christmas themed shit because of all the basics? Do you hate activities and would rather just eat and drink?

Congrats, you’re a little bit bitchy, hard to please, and probably fabulous—let’s be friends, babe (Zara who is currently editing this piece wants to be your friend too).

I present to you, 10 sexy winter dates that I promise don’t involve physical activity (besides sex), gingerbread, or ice rinks filled with tourists.

1) The Library Hotel, Manhattan NYC

It’s been around for awhile, but to me, The Library Hotel is timeless. Reading to each other is so…romantic. Stay in one of their many different genre-themed rooms. The paranormal room is my personal favorite and is strangely sexy to me. If you aren’t weird like me, might I suggest the Love Room?

What is better than f*cking surrounded by books? The hotel has an amazing restaurant and bar so you don’t have to brave the cold for food or drinks. And book lovers never go to bed alone.

2) Brooklyn Fox Lingerie Williamsburg, BK

Shopping dates are my fav. Spoil your lady with a brand new sexy outfit. You’ll both be happy. It’s way more useful than a gross gingerbread house you will throw out after making. And this is edible too.

3) Bowery Poets Club Manhattan, NYC

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Hit up the Bowery Poets Club for some incredible spoken word performances. They have an awesome bar. And the ambiance is sexy and classic. No Christmas music here! Just hot queer poets speaking sweet nothings to you.

4) Stephen Romano Gallery Manhattan, NYC

The Stephen Romano Gallery is in the process of relocating from Bushwick to NYC but Stephen curates exhibits in The Living Gallery Outpost. If you like dark, sexy art, look no further. It has the uniqueness of MoMA without all the tourists.

5) William Vale Hotel Holiday Fair, Williamsburg, BK

Okay I know what you’re thinking. I’m selling out as my basic hating princess self by including a Holiday fair! But this holiday fair is different. Come support local queer artists. Last year I got a card that says all I want for Christmas is To Smash the Patriarchy from an amazing artist who I can’t find on Instagram (are you out there cool feminist art babe?) and a sexy choker from RoseWolf Collective.

6) NoHo Star Manhattan, NYC

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Order a hot toddie. Fine, this is a little bit festive but these drinks will get you lit, warm and happy. This beloved NYC staple will close come 2018 so go quick!!!

7) Butter and Scotch Crown Heights, BK

Bakery + Bar. Chocolate cake + whiskey. This unique little spot has a welcoming vibe, intimate seating, and drinks + desserts to die for. One of my all time favorite date spots!

8) Manderlay Bar Manhattan, NYC

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Located in the famous Mckittrick Hotel that hosts the equally as famous Sleep No More (will be on my next date guide) is the Manderlay Bar. Sip on some absinthe in the dimly lit bar with your date. You’ll probably end up getting buzzed and buying last minute tickets to Sleep No More. Which is worth it, because there is something deliciously sexy about those masks.

9) Five Leaves Greenpoint, BK

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The food here is BOMB. And when you’re done with dinner, walk in scenic Greenpoint. It is gorgeous in the winter.

10) George and Jack’s, Williamsburg, NYC

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Jukebox. Drinks. Dancing. Making out. All ways to stay warm inside the super cute, super divey, super fun George and Jack’s.

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