The Very Best of NYC Dance

MILLs/works, Culture, Its a Game

The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen and children’s book character Harry Potter are the unlikely influences for a world-premiere dance piece in which a chess game comes to life. Part of Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre’s 13th season, It’s a Game is a magical fantasy which utilizes risk, energy, touch, athleticism and competition to get its powerful message and emotions across. It will be at New York Live Arts from June 27 to June 29.

Another highlight of the New York Live arts summer season is MILLs/works, performed by modern dance company MADCO. These three dance pieces were created by one-time company member Joseph Mills, who performed with MADCO in the 1980s before going solo. Pieces include “Reflections in the Well of Solace,” inspired by the grief and tragedy of 9/11 and “Getting Lucky: Secret Moments in the Natural World,” which takes its cue from the sexual life of animals. Mills himself will also perform a revival of “Circle Walker” by Alan Boeding. Catch this exciting evening of dance July 11-13.

The New York City-based Patricia Noworol Dance Theater brings back breakdancing with the US premiere of Culture, running at Danspace Project through June 15. PNDT has joined forces with award-winning German hip-hop company Renegade to create this unique piece of experimental dance theater, which features five performers and comments on how queerness can co-exist with hip hop.

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