5 Things To Do In Queer-antine This Weekend

This weekend in queer-antine, dance for 48 hours straight, watch a new lesbian movie, and more.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, GO Mag will be gathering the best queer and lesbian virtual events on the weekends in lieu of our regular weekend event round-ups.

Happy May Day, queerantine pals! This weekend, unwind as much as you can with these queer ~activities~, including four virtual events and one exciting new queer movie.

Cloud 9 48-Hour Global Party

A ton of queer nightlife groups from all around the world are coming together to host this 48-hour global rager, including Papi Juice, Yalla Party BK, BBZ, Pxssy Palace, and more. The lineup of queer DJs and musicians is honestly mind-boggling, and it’s going down on Zoom all weekend long. Join in anytime from Friday at 9 p.m. EST to Sunday at 4 p.m. EST, and check out the lineup here.

Body Hack

Body Hack is a “digital party for trans and nonbinary cuties + the squirrels who love them,” per the event description. This party will raise funds for trans and sex worker groups in New York, New Orleans, and Mexico City. Accordingly, there will be DJs and performers from all three cities participating in the event! It all starts on Saturday at 2 p.m. until midnight EST. The Zoom link will be available on Friday night on Body Hack’s Instagram.

Queerantine Moment #4

Queerantine Moment, an LA-based party, is back this weekend with events on Friday through Sunday. Performers include SNG, Theia, and Billie Shakespeare, and all funds go toward helping to keep queer spaces open.

Between Two Straps

Between Two Straps is a podcast about sex, gender, and pleasure, hosted by two Black non-binary creatives, Fiveboi and Adair. They’re hosting a live episode this Saturday at 5 p.m. EST about performance anxiety, insecurities, and how to get over nerves during sex. If you’ve ever struggled with strap-ons and gender stuff, this is for you.

“The Half Of It” on Netflix

A new lesbian movie debuts on Friday on Netflix, and you know what that means! Drop everything and watch ASAP. “The Half Of It” is about a young Chinese-American lesbian, her lady crush, and her unlikely friendship with a jock at school. It is an incredibly sweet rom-com that focuses more-so on platonic than romantic love (for once!), and it’s a must-watch.

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