Alexandra Grey

Alexandra Grey by Easton Schirra

Actress, musician and screenwriter Alexandra Grey is proud to be blazing a trail as a visible trans woman. “Art is a very powerful tool,” she tells GO, “and it’s rewarding to me to know that not only do I get to do what I love, but that I get to give hope and visibility to a group that almost never gets the chance to see themselves and stories reflected.” Grey has recently starred as Parker Phillips in CBS’ “MacGyver” and as Lucy Hicks Anderson in HBO Max’s docu-series “Equal.” Grey’s notable roles in the past include Elizah Parks on the hit Amazon comedy series “Transparent” and superstar singer Melody Barnes on the Fox musical drama series “Empire.” Grey has also guest-starred on shows like “Angel of Darkness,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” “Drunk History,” and the ABC miniseries “When We Rise.” She’s also been tapped to play the title role in the upcoming film “Gossamer Folds.” Throughout her career, Grey has positioned herself as a visible, proud trans woman of color, representing those like her who have rarely seen themselves portrayed in popular culture. To her, that makes all the hard work worth it. “Ever since I started out as an actress working on television, I’ve gotten so many messages from young trans folks and other queer kids telling me how much my characters have inspired them in their lives,” she tells GO. “I’m eternally grateful that I get to use my platform to allow my community to be able to see themselves reflected in this medium.” —IL

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