13 Sapphic Singer-Songwriters To Stream On Spotify Today

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Mainstream music is all fun and games until you realize that none of it is about you. We all love a good bop, but nothing compares to a song that accurately speaks to your life experience. Any lez knows the indescribable power in hearing yourself in a song. When you just know the singer knows what you’re going through. When you don’t have to change the song’s pronouns in your head. When the melody snakes its way into your lez soul. When you finally find a lesbian popstar to swoon over!

It may seem like Kehlani and Hayley Kiyoko are the only ones out here singing about loving ladies (and we LOVE AND OBSESS OVER THEM), but luckily for us, there are even more queer singers out there. You just have to look a little harder to find them. To make things easier for you, here’s a list of some singing Sapphics to stream on Spotify.

1. Daphne Willis 

Daphne Willis’ funky style and positive attitude are infectious. Her songs make you want to get up, dance, and just be happy. They are perfect for your workout playlist AND your pregame playlist. We love a versatile queen!


MUNA is a trio from LA that are a match made in queer heaven. This dark pop band puts you in a trance with their electric sound and hypnotizes you to sing their lyrics at the top of your lungs. It’s similar to the experience every gay man, woman, and child feels when “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn comes on. It’s mesmerizing.

3. LP 

LP has the Shane Effect: she is swaggy and brooding, and something about her messy hair makes you want to mess it up even more. She’s written songs for artists like Rihanna and The Kooks, but her best ones are the ones she sings herself. Her range is crazy, and you can vividly feel her emotion in her voice. She is pretty big in Europe, but I am DYING for the US to catch on.

4. Flo Kennedy 

Flo Kennedy is a rapper from the Bronx who lets her voice and her lyrics speak for themselves. Living up to her name, her lyrical flow is unique in every song, and the words she speaks makes you think differently about the world around you. She just released a new, visually stunning music video, and she is opening for Azealia Banks at the end of this month in NYC. Keep an eye and an ear out for this one.

5. Brooke Candy 

Brooke Candy has created a style that can only be described as f*cking insane. It’s trippy, sexy, and all the way in your face and down your throat. She announced recently on Instagram that her upcoming projects being released this month and next will be about “fantasy and sex,” which I am all the way here for.

6. broox 

In her first EP, Out/Through, broox invites her you into her world of pain and heartbreak. Her electronic sound mixed with her emotional, sultry voice makes for a sound all her own. If Adele and Kygo had a baby, that would be broox. With songs and music videos being released and performances being booked all over NYC in the next few months, there’s really no stopping her from blowing up. (She also was featured as one of our 100 Women We Love this past June!)

7. Princess Nokia 

Princess Nokia is effortlessly badass and the girl that we all aspire to be. She gives little to no f*cks about irrelevant matters but is still down-to-earth and active in important political movements. She makes music for everyone, which is why everyone loves it. Her smooth singing and her strong rapping has so much power behind it that is just itching to take over the world.

8. Self Esteem 

Self Esteem is one powerful lesbian making waves in the UK with her electro-pop music. Luckily, those waves are making it across the ocean, because her debut single “Your Wife” is an ’80s-esque bop. Her music is perfect for those afternoons where you just need to chill out, but don’t want to fall asleep by accident.

9. Tish Hyman

I first heard Tish on her song “What It Feels Like” with Ty Dolla $ign and DeJ Loaf, and I was hooked. Her swaggy style and sexy voice make me want to do body rolls until the break of dawn. Her songs range from passionate and seductive to political stances. Also, she has a whole album of Disney Princess songs that she has remixed. She is everything that R&B should be, and we need to all get on board with that.

10. King Princess 

King Princess’ viral single “1950” punched every lesbian right in the feels, especially with the opening line, “I hate it when dudes try to chase me but I love it when you try to save me,” because isn’t that what we all want? For guys to f*ck off and girls to f*ck on? She gives us the songs about girls that we all crave with the voice of an angel that we don’t deserve.

11. Freakquencee 

Freakquencee has one of the coolest names and even cooler styles in hip-hop. She is from Newar, NJ, but NYC has fallen in love with her. She won Female Perfomance of the Year at the first annual Elberts Awards in June hosted by Treble, which is an app that helps musicians find and collaborate with each other, and I can only imagine what other awards are coming for her in the future.

12. Syd

Syd’s voice is too sexy not to put on this list. She’s not necessarily “up and coming,” but I feel strongly in my heart and in my pants that she does not get the recognition she deserves. She started out as a part of Odd Future, then became the front woman for The Internet, and even had a breakout solo career of her own. When she sings, it sounds like she’s whispering sweet nothings right into your ear. Her voice wraps its arms around your waist and gives you the tingles. If she showed up at my window to sing to me, I would launch my body straight out of it, no matter how many floors up it was.

13. Zolita 

Zolita’s album, appropriately named Sappho, is the lesbian makeout music we have all been waiting for served to us on a silver platter. This femme firecracker is the sexual icon that we crave. Here’s to making sweet, sweet love and absolutely no babies!

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