100 Women We Love Class of 2010

As the first decade of the new millennium comes to an end, we take a moment to celebrate 100 out lesbians who have made the past year one of inspiring change and amazing progress.

Natalia Ramirez

“I want to share the beauty that I see within the lesbian community with the entire world,” claims makeup artist Natalia Ramirez, who is opening a “re-looking” studio and salon in Soho this summer. The salon doubles as an art gallery featuring the work of queer artists. This busy entrepreneur is founding a cosmetics line and a new company, Enter Pronoun, for launch later in 2010. “Enter Pronoun is more than a makeup concept – it is about self-discovery and rediscovery,” Ramirez explains. “I would like to become another role model for young queers by creating something they can relate to, and also provide a space that will inspire their own artistic talents. This is a revolutionary time for our culture, and I want to play my role to help these changes along.” -CB

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