100 Women We Love 2011

The 100 Women We Love – out artists, elected officials, business leaders, athletes, community activists – are role models for us all. Many are up-and-coming movers and shakers; some are at the zenith of their careers. Some of their achievements change our world and, just as importantly, others improve the world’s perception of out women. They all strive tirelessly to increase our visibility and continue our incredible progress toward equality and justice.

We proudly present the class of 2011, in random order, so each gets her well-deserved turn in the spotlight.


Award-winning poet and writer Cheryl B’s prolific personal works display her literary specialty: making readers laugh at subjects that make most people cry, such as addiction, despair, extreme family dysfunction and now cancer. Since her November 2010 diagnosis with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, B has blogged at wtfcancerdiaries.com, where among other hilarious and troubling metaphors she compares her bone marrow biopsy experience to a “surprise three-way.” She’s matter-of-fact about her approach, saying simply, “humor is my number-one survival skill.” B, who received an honorable mention in poetry from the Astraea Writers Fund Awards in 2009, is the co-founder/co-host of the popular New York City monthly reading series Sideshow: The Queer Literary Carnival, and has organized numerous literary events over the years. She teaches writing at Gotham Writers’ Workshop where she is a favorite of the older students, who have been known to follow her no matter what class she teaches. –KL

We sadly learned that on June 18, 2011, Cheryl lost her very brave battle against cancer and passed away as a result of complications from chemotherapy. An inspiring writer, artist and human being, Cheryl contributed dozens of impressive articles to GO since the magazine began. She was tirelessly dedicated to her craft and to helping others fulfill their creative potential, and we will always miss her humor, positive attitude and spirit. No one is more deserving of a place in the Women We Love pantheon.

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