100 Women We Love: Class of 2024

100 Women We Love: Class of 2024. Our annual celebration of epic queer women changing the world.

Internet aficionados and cultural critics agree: 2024 is the year of the queer woman. But at GO Magazine, it has been the year of the queer woman every year since our launch over two decades ago. In June 2001, we set our mission to spotlight a list of 100 women, both cis and trans, who, despite marginalization and oppression, continue to excel and thrive. And thus, the first class of 100 Women We Love was born.

Since then, the legendary 100 Women We Love has featured nearly 2,000 trailblazing women. Online and in print, we proudly highlight and celebrate all gender identities and expressions. But given the historic – and current – oppression women have faced and continue to face, 100 WWL is our explicit homage to the fierce women who make the world a better and more inclusive place for us all. We are moved by the support of those who don’t identify as queer women, including our nonbinary siblings, our gay and trans brothers, and allies.

We’re proud to present 100 Women We Love: Class of 2024 (this year, several honorees use both she and they pronouns). The list includes political figures, artists, athletes, musicians, scholars, entrepreneurs, scientists, motivational speakers, and more. They are all the reason the world has finally caught up to what we’ve been saying for decades. Queer women rock!

100 Women We Love Photo Credits
Abby Posner by Matt Block; Amanda Whip by Rita Minissi; Amber Valentine by Steven Menendez; Amee Wilson by Lola Perrin; Anathea Chino by Paloma Alicea; Andrea Bernstein by Matthew Septimus; Ann P. Meredith by Ann P. Meredith; Arielle Orsuto by Courtesy of Arielle Orsuto; Beatrice Thomas aka Black Benatar by Jolene Engo; Becky Krause by Todd Owyoung; Billie Eilish by Kathy Hutchins Shutterstock; Britney Manson by Craig Barritt, Getty Images; Cara Ellis by Steven Middleton; Cara Wodnicki by Courtesy of Cara Wodnicki; Carla Smith, EdD by Marcus Cooper for Milk Makeup; Carmen Maria Machado by Miranda Barnes; Caster Semenya by Nadia Bezuidenhout; Catherine Sumner by Courtesy of Catherine Sumner; Chappell Roan by Ryan Clemens; Chris Belcher, PhD by Courtney Coles; Christine Vachon by Brian Bowen Smith; Cristina Gonzalez by Jeremy St. Romain; Cynthia Erivo by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock; Dafna Yoran by Ana De Orbegoso; Dana Goldberg by Irene Young; Dawn Laguens by Courtesy of Planned Parenthood; Debbie Millman by John Madere; Deborah Emin by Adam Atkinson; Divinity Ray by Sergio Necoechea; Frieda Ekotto, PhD by Alexander Holmes; Eva Woolridge by Maddy Talia; Gabi + Shanna Meit-Sciara Courtesy of Gabi + Shanna Meit-Sciara ; Grace Chu by Ash Kolodner; Grace Perry by Kort Havens; Irene Young by Tina Silano; Jen Brister by Matt Crockett; Jess Vanacore by Alyssa Jordan; Jessica Betts by Eva Woolridge; Jincey Lumpkin by Sofia Barriera Pinto Soares; Jordyn Jay by Justin French; Juliana Joel by Paul Smith Photography; Kae by Raúl López Mestres; Karen Solt by Miranda Remington; Katie Carter by Courtesy of Katie Carter; KayLa Ruiz by Talia Ruiz; Kimmy Alexander by Tara Benavente; Kristen Kaza by Paul Octavious; Kristen Kish by Silver Chang; Kristin Smith by Erica Chambers; Lamya H by Lia Clay; Lauren Malici by Lyss Lester; LB Prevett Courtesy of LB Prevette; Linda Villarosa by Mia Isabella Photography; Adrienne Madam Muse by Adrienne Madam Muse; Maiah Manser by Úna Blue; Maleigh Zan by Daisy McVeigh; Mara Herbkersman and Emily Bielagus by Jesse Saler; Mariama J. Lockington Courtesty of Mariama J. Lockington; Marina Carreira by Ysabel Y. Gonzalez; Marissa Limsiaco by Julia Thomas Designs; Mary Mahoney by Helder Mira; Melanie Willingham-Jaggers by GLSEN; Melissa Dilkes Pateras by Jennie Del Sol; Melissa Febos by Chris Luttrell; Michelle Demetillo by Sarah Barsotti; Mickalene Thomas by Jon Jenkins; Navilla Rashid by Wajiha Ibrahim; Nicole Melleby by Liz Melleby Welch; Justine Laviolette & Nikke Alleyne Courtesy of Justine Laviolette & Nikke Alleyne; PaulA Neves by Rachel Fawn Alban; Pure XTC by Jacob Schermerhorn; Randi Romo by Devon L. Angeles; Rebecca Black Courtesy of Rebecca Black; Rose Garcia by Shannon Horton; Ruby and Katrena by Anna Captured; Sarah Brown by Amber Lawrence; Sarah Tomasin Fonseca by Daviel Shy; Sepi Shyne by Marcus Lovingood; Serena Thongsri and Natchaya Klinkajon Courtesy of Serena Thongsri and Natchaya Klinkajon; Shanée Benjamin Courtesy of Shanée Benjamin; Shannon Keating Courtesy of Shannon Keating; Kaila Rhubright and Shay Ericksen by Madison White; Shenaaz Janmohamed Courtesy of Shenaaz Janmohamed; Sheri Ciprane by Alexandra Weadon; Sydney Colson by Las Vegas Aces; Tiff Hubbard by Taylor McWhorter; Tunita James by James Mitchell Stem; Uju Anya, PhD by Laura Petrilla; Vanessa Schoening by Nicholas Truong; Vials Courtesy of Vials; Vicky and Charisse Pache by Shay Studios; Victoria Cruz by Stephanie Mei-Ling; Jessica Valentine by Kate Zander

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