10 Queer Tattoo Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram

It’s no secret that us queers love tattoos.

It’s no secret that us queers love tattoos. They have a significant place in queer culture. They help us express and identify ourselves. They can even be a political act.

There are so many incredibly talented queer tattoo artists out there, decorating other fabulous queers with their beautiful art, while providing them with a space where they know they are safe. If you are thinking about some ~new ink~ and it’s important for you to support a queer artist (it is for me!) here’s a list of 10 amazing queer tattoo artists. Happy inking!

1. Loran Iris, @loraniristattoos

Loran Iris is a blackworker at Hallowed Ground in Portland, Maine. This absolutely gorgeous sword and roses piece is making me jones for a tattoo. Look at that beautiful detail! Email loraniristattoo@gmail.com for booking.

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2. Stephanie Tamez, @stephanietamez

Stephanie Tamez is an artist at the iconic Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn New York. She is wildly talented and has tattooed many well-known queer feminist babes You’ve definitely seen her work before– it is stunning. I am salivating over this:

3. Laura Hammel, @mathgoth

Laura Hammel is an artist at Gypsy Tattoo Parlor in Pittsburg Pennsylvania. They specialize in traditional style tattoos — check out this classic, colorful and dope sun scene! Email aura.gypsytattoo@gmail.com to make an appointment with them.

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4. Francisca Silva @framacho

Francisca Silva is a badass traveling queer artist specializing in “ignorant style tattoos.” I am personally obsessed with Francisca’s strangely poetic, simple tattoos. Email framachomagic@gmail.com for booking.

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5. Mira Mariah, @girlknewyork

Mira Mariah is a fab queer “professional scribbler” working out of Fleur Noire in Brooklyn. Her work is absolutely gorgeous and I’m v tempted to make an appointment with her right this minute.

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6. Steph Maree @stephmaree01

Steph Maree is a queer tattooer working in Wellington New Zealand. How f*cking badass is this Tender Queer tattoo? Fully obsessed. kakapoink@gmail.com for appointments and inquiries.

7. Emi, @tattoosbyemi

Emi is a queer tattoo artist/owner and drag performer. How gorgeous is this delicate little rose? V femme. For bookings email emi@jackalopetattoo.com.

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8. Charline Bataille, @charlinebataille

Charline Bataille is an “oversharing queer femme artist” located in Montreal. She does some of the most colorful, creative and interesting tattoos I’ve ever seen! charlinews@gmail for bookings.

9. Doc Azra, @doc_azra

Doc Azra is a QPOC contemporary tattooer working in Grand Junction, Colorado. This minimalistic blackwork queer tattoo might be the coolest tat I’ve ever seen. docazrapalotatattoos@gmail for appointments.

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10. Lee, @rat666tat

Lee is a tattoo artist working in West Toronto. Once you see this ‘lesbian agenda’ tattoo, I’ll bet you can’t resist getting inked. Email rat666tat@gmail.com to make an appointment with them.

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Follow @queertattooers for more amazing LGBTQ artists!

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