10 Amazingly Lesbionic Tweets From “International Lesbian Day”

What did you do to celebrate International Lesbian Day?

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If we had to pick a favorite international holiday, ours would obviously be International Lesbian Day (ILD). Every October 8th, lesbians around the stratosphere start to celebrate all of our beautiful lezzie ways with so much pride (and flannel, of course, babes). The origins of this day are widely unknown and largely disputed. But it’s been around long enough that there was a huge Tweet storm about it yesterday.

That’s right. All your faves were Tweeting away about all the lesbian things they did to celebrate their truest selves! And Happy Lesbian Day. Because at GO Mag, every day is Lesbian Day.

1. Sending you hopeful vibes that you have a cute lesbian kiss today!

This lesbian is so cute. She wants literally every lesbian out there to have a cute kiss for International Lesbian Day! We want the dish on all these amazing kisses.

2. Celebrate our lesbian herstory.

This lesbian is celebrating by honoring her lezzie ancestors who paved the way for our rights. I mean, look at these badass women. They definitely were activists in their day.

3. Lesbian GIFs.

Sometimes GIFs are the best way to get across what you want to say, you know?

4. Love yourself!

Alina is sharing her vulnerability with Twitter in how she’s become more comfortable than ever with her sexuality. Get that self love, girl!

5. Relationship goals.

This cute couple is celebrating their love for ILD ~swoon~. They’re definitely giving us some serious relationship goals.

6. Cameron Esposito. Enough said.

Our favorite comedian told the world of her lesbian ways for ILD this year.

7. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Twitter user @rainbowrobbins is crying because of all the beautiful lesbians on the ILD tag. So many cute selfies. We’re all amazing women!

8. Take down the patriarchy.

We’ve always been known to take down the patriarchy.

9. The more you know!

Did you know that Desmond Tutu’s daughter is a lesbian? It’s true! Mpho Tutu is an out priest and feminist activist.

10. A little herstory.

It’s quite possible that German journalist Anna Rüling was the beginning of this iconic day. She gave a speech in 1904 about lesbian rights!

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