10 Adorable Queer Couples That You Should Be Following On Instagram

Giving us serious #RelationshipGoals.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you’re walking down the street just minding your own business, and then you see the cutest queer couple loving on each other in public and your heart melts? Yeah, same. Those moments make me feel so f*cking happy for the couple but also for the fact that they are allowing their love to simply exist — the same way straight and cis couples do so freely without giving it any thought. Public displays of affection don’t always come as easily to queer couples because of fear of homophobia or transphobia. Our love is an act of resistance, especially when we allow it to freely exist outside of the strict confinements placed on us as LGBTQ people.

That same awww moments happen for me when I’m scrolling through Instagram and I see a queer couple being honest and raw about their love. We all need a little (or a lot) of love in our lives — these are tough times, babe. And these 10 couples regularly give me inspiration and I know they also provide representation for all the baby dykes, queers, and bi babes that fear they’ll never find love.

Follow them for regular heart-melting moments on your Insta feed.

1. @nataliehornedo and @giamedley

You might remember Natalie from her time on “The Real L Word.” Well, you’ll be happy to know that she has found someone who is equally amazing as she is. Her hot GF Gia Medley is a rapper and DJ who makes the most amazing videos on YouTube. The two of them are so clearly in love and we can’t get enough of their selfies together.

2. @blauren._ and @morganneniko

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Are you prepared for the most fashionable queer duo you’ve ever seen?! Look no further than Bria and Morgan. They are both insanely creative — Morgan is a poet and Bria is a creator through the HTX People Project. Bria regularly posts photos of the two of them being insanely fashionable together and looking like they are the most in love.

3. @zarabarrie and @megwhites

Engayged to my love + light + babe + bombshell + partner.

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We couldn’t resist including these two. I mean, look at how cute our Executive Editor Zara is with her boo Meghan. They recently got engaged and you bet GO’s office was filled with tears and excited screams when Zara first showed us her vintage ring. #RelationshipGoals

4. @mewsha and @the.lonewolf

My brain literally cannot even comprehend how two people are so incredibly attractive as Newsha and Sabrina are together. The two are recently engaged and they honestly seem like they have so much fun together. I think I’m in love with their love.

4. @doomskay and @missjazminad

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Jazmina and Kay are the most colorful and adorable couple who recently got engaged (hello engagement season!). Romance is truly in the air. While most of Jazmina’s Instagram is filled with her incredible makeup tutorials — when she does post a selfie with Kay, you can feel their radiant love. Their vibe literally reaches out from your cellphone and makes you feel ~warm and fuzzy~.

5. @iamjarijones and @corey_meets_world

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These two are probably my all time fave couple. They’re both models, actresses, creators, and activists who always seem to be doing something fabulous. When either of them speaks about their relationship, it’s easy to see that they are a couple who truly lifts one another up. Their love makes me believe in true love.

6. @khdg and @bunnymichael

These two babes are seriously couple goals. Bunny runs a meme account that gives so much inspiration from their perspective of having a higher self. And Khara is a painter and artist who does the most stunning artwork on wood planks. They recently got engaged and I cannot wait for the wedding pics.

7. @karlibuckley and @emillion_bucks

She keeps me warm 🌞

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These wifeys are constantly pouring inspiration onto our newsfeed. They are fitness gurus, travel bloggers, and the most adorable couple. Follow them both for couple selfies, travel updates, and lezzie content for days.

8. @shedoeshim and her boo

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Allison is an incredible fashion blogger and her bae seems to be popping up in her feed a lot more as of recent. The two of them seem very much in love while they’re constantly jet-setting to tropical locations.

9. @arielle_scarcella and @sammy_rc8r

These two cutie bloggers have the most stunning photos to capture their love. Constantly filling their feeds with kissing selfies, bright colors, and #OOTD posts — there is no lack of creativity between the two of them.

10. @lauracramer_ and @nnrgtr_

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Nina and Laura are constantly posting the most incredible photos of their relationship. Nina is trying to get pregnant, so the hopeful moms-to-be are just crushing my heart with their love. Not to mention, the captions they write about each other… Just adorable.

Who are you fave queer couples? We’re rounding up for our 2018 Couples We Love. Email corinne@gomag.com if you want to be featured. 

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