10 Lesbian Wedding Photos That Will Convince You Love Is Real

These pictures will melt your queer little heart.

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The end of summer can be a lonely time for us single gays. Maybe your summer fling is winding down. Maybe you’re looking ahead toward fall and winter with no one to cuddle up to for warmth. Maybe you’ve just barely made it out of Heterosexual Wedding Season alive. Maybe, like me, you’re watching another season fade without so much as a Tinder datelet alone an epic fairytale romance—wondering where the time has gone. It’s hard out here.

Worry not, ladies! Here are 10 photos from lesbian weddings that will prove your time is comingand how glorious it will be when it does!

1. These two brides gearing up to see each other for the first time.

The excitement! The anticipation!

2. These two brides proclaiming their love to the world.

Beautiful lights, beautiful flowers, and a beautiful wife. What more could a girl want?

3. These two, surrounded by family and friends.

May we all get to be that happy someday.

4. This classically beautiful butch/femme duo.

Sneak peek into the best day of my life. 👰🏻🥂#bilbaowedding2017

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It’s almost too perfect.

5. These beauties showing their pride.

Who knew rainbow looked so good next to black and white?

6. These two brides basking in the sunset.

This could be a movie poster for the best rom-com of all time.

7. This couple laughing their way down the aisle.

If this is “the gay agenda,” sign me up.

8. These brides on the road to love.

Is this the new u-hauling?

9. This literal fairytale.

Then the Fairy Godmother waved her wand and said, “Bipitty bopitty boo, your wedding shall be goals.”

10. And this picturesque couple.

TBH, any woman willing to climb a tree in heels is automatically wife material.

Bonus! The cutest first dance you’ve ever seen in your life.

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