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Anatomy of a Love Seen,
The NYC Food Film Festival, Margaret Mead Film Festival

One of the biggest complaints of lesbian moviegoers is how few films are being made for our community. Thank God, then, for the Internet, where independent directors and writers can take control and create quality movies without having to worry about the financial demands of the traditional movie industry. A great example of this is Anatomy of a Love Seen, a new on-demand lesbian digital film starring Sharon Hinnendael, Jill Evyn and Constance Brenneman. In this flick an intense love scene leads to a wild romance for actresses Zoe and Mal. See the sparks fly for yourself for just $5, anytime, at
The NYC Food Film Festival is a popular annual event featuring narrative films, shorts, and documentaries. But what’s happening on screen is only part of the fun: Audience members are also treated to snacks related to the films themselves. This year’s selections include Griffin Hammond’s Sriracha, a short film which tells the story of what is fast becoming one of the country’s most-beloved condiments; the New York premiere of the food porn feature Lemon Muffins with a Sweet Surprise and 1 Minute Meal: Slice Discrimination, James Boo’s short flick about the difficulties of keeping a New York City pizzeria going. The New York City Food Film Festival runs Oct 29-Nov 2. Check for info on the schedule and venue.
Every year, the Margaret Mead Film Festival screens a variety of movies highlighting important and sometimes controversial social issues. This year’s theme is “Past Forward,” and it features Chelsea McMullan’s My Prairie Home, a documentary about transgender singer-songwriter Rae Spoon; Berit Madsen’s Sepideh—Reaching for the Stars, about a young Iranian female who is determined to pursue an interest in astronomy; and the world premiere of Irene Chagall’s Let’s Get the Rhythm, about the importance of hand-clapping games. The Margaret Mead Film Festival will be at the American Museum of Natural History Oct 23-26. 

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