Tiffanie Barriere

Tiffanie Barriere by Greg Miller

When it comes to cocktails, Tiffanie Barriere is at the top of her game. Known as “The Drinking Coach,” Barriere spent seven years as the beverage director of Atlanta’s “One Flew South” — voted the Best Airport Bar in the World. She’s presented and spoken on panels at prestigious food and hospitality events, contributed recipes to mixology books, been featured in a number of magazines, including Forbes and The Washington Post, and collaborated with numerous famous culinary artists. The most rewarding aspect of her career isn’t who she’s worked with or where, though; it’s who she is. “It is so rewarding to be a Black woman, to be a lesbian, to be from the south and be in the food and beverage industry, because those traits are the soul … of American food and beverage,” she tells GO. “The connection of natural healing, attention to detail, and history are the flavors in what we take and feel in a cocktail or a plate of food.” The independent bartender, who hosts mixology classes around the country, is also a cocktail historian. We don’t always recognize “the help, endurance, and creativity the service industry has given to this world,” Barriere says. “I am allowed to not only represent that, but raise as many glasses as I want and say their names with pride.”—RK

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