Senator Elizabeth Warren Has Dropped Out Of The 2020 Presidential Race

Warren has not yet endorsed another candidate in her place.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the 2020 Presidential race. The announcement comes after Warren faced a disappointing Super Tuesday, which saw no victories for the Senator — even in her home state of Massachusetts. Warren has not yet endorsed another candidate in her place.


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The senator was known for her thought-out plans for complex issues, her sharp intellect, and her clear focus on doing what’s best for her constituents. In November, Warren briefly led the pack of Democratic candidates in the polls, but was unable to keep ahead. Her team faced a number of set-backs that called for compromise. For example, when her “Medicare For All” plan wasn’t as well received by a large portion of her base as she’d hoped, Warren responded with a series of detailed plans that adapted her Medicare position to be a slow transition from a public option to Medicare for all. Critics responded to her new plan as a loss of integrity and an inability to stay consistent; supporters called it a fair compromise meant to unite the people.

Warren was also subjected to a fair amount of criticism that could be attributed to sexism. From questions about her “electability” to a confrontation with Senator Bernie Sanders over whether or not a woman could be president, Warren faced contention due to her gender — something she often made a focus in her campaign as well.

Many are, however, attributing Warren with the decimation of Michael Bloomberg, who sought to buy his way into the Presidential race. Regardless, Warren’s departure means there are no more women in the race for the 2020 Presidency. Whether you supported her policies or not, seeing the final woman leave the race feels as though we’re losing a significant bit of representation. However, we know that whatever Warren’s future holds, she will continue to stand up for us as women and as human beings.

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